Angel Psychic Zynah

Love & Relationship, Marriage (LGBT), Clairvoyant, Dream Analysis, Thought Readings, Work & Career Guide, Cheating & Affairs Insights with Clear and Honest Disclosures. A Friend when you need One.


15+ years experience, 7th Generation Psychic Numerologist, NAMES and Question required. Know his/her intentions, Know about near term predictions/situations coming up. Relationship, friends, career or cheating, TOP N POPULAR ON MOST WEBSITES.

Honest and Straight Answers.

IS IT OVER? OR IS IT GOING TO HAPPEN?...GET TRUE ANSWERS NOW :. Mind readings, Situation Analysis or Work area issues.

You need Advise? Join me for a session now.

I will be your best friend during times you may like to have someone to speak with. A friend with positive advise and Psychic insights.

It matters when you enter a session and speak your mind, as a heart filled with doubts on Psychic ability will not send clean energy across. It is always advised to keep trust and interact in a session because when you treat a session as test or stay silent, it is obvious that no energies flow but rather will shield your Aura.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

⭐️Born Psychic with 7 Generations of Gifted Spiritual Healing and Guidance.

⭐️Practiced Numerology with Spiritual Revelation. Dream Analysis as dreams hold important significance’s in life.

⭐️Remember I READ things…..I don’t WRITE them. That is Destiny which may change with actions or time, unless changed by GOD. Do not hold me guilty for not making a change, coz I can’t do that. So it is mostly illogical to bring down the frustration of things on the reader. I tell you whats NOW n AHEAD. Can suggest you steps. I can guide you to cross a road safely, don’t expect me to tell you there wont be any traffic on the road or me changing the course of traffic.


I am 7th Generation of Psychic family with Natural Abilities and a Numerologist. I have worked with Top Psychic Circles Online and Offline. Most popular Psychic Networks and Websites I have already been working with but Bitwine seems to be the best amongst them.

Quick, Easy and Convenient.

Gained thousands of reviews from Happy Clients which are my strength.

Quick typist and fast connections are some of my qualities as well. I prefer stable and investing energy to gain a strong connection and clear typing to help conversations.

I am not into Sex, Pregnancy readings, Life Long reading, Long term time frames, Exact Dates or Complete Future Predictions because "Life is meant to be ever changing".


NOTE: NO REFUND IN ANY CASE, WHAT EVER IT MAY BE. (Please make sure that you accept and approve this as I do make the effort which is stressful)

It is not ethical to threaten negative review just because you did not like it, I did not sugar coat it or You wanted to make it a free reading by denying insights and seeking refund.

If I feel I am not connected, I will refund before you asking for it.

GOOD or Bad Insight is the actual truth no matter you are ready to hear and accept. Please be clear with your question and mind. A lack of trust, seeking refund intention or pounding upon me to get answers, trying to judge my insights or intentions as such will never give clear energies and insights. Be at peace, trust and speak with me. The more you confuse or push the more things may go haywire.

Please do not expect all good or insights to make you feel good or insights to be exactly according to how you want it to be. It will be truth and it may differ from how you expect it. So accept it as it will help you over come and deal with it rather than be shocked by a fairytale or false hope which may later on hurt your feelings.

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call,

Local Time: (GMT-06:00) September 20, 2020, 03:39PM

Location: Missouri, United States  (Find on Google Maps)

$0.99 per minute (after your approval)

$20-30mins, $40-45mins, $50-1hr, $150-week or $500-1month (30min/day)

My $10 deal:

❤️ 15 Mins Straight ( Incl 3 free minutes )

CloseClients reviews:


737 Reviews: 650 Excellent 61 Satisfactory 26 Unsatisfactory

20 Sep 2020 excellent ranking etsm06

thank you so much for the clarity..

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18 Sep 2020 unsatisfactory ranking Ravsee  (unregistered)

Thanks for your personal opinion. I’ve never had a reading that was so far off no where close to the actual situation

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16 Sep 2020 excellent ranking blink

I am waiting if it will come to pass, its my 3rd reading and i am still waiting...its another 2 more mths. Every time after a reading its a few it just me? :/ Will keep my positivity

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15 Sep 2020 excellent ranking jafuture

wow! Awesome reading. Much appreciated.

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15 Sep 2020 excellent ranking katiecar1111

Thank you for your honesty and time

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