Nicodemus Hilaire

Nicodemus Hilaire; I Gentleman & Man Beast, The Perfect Blend of Spirit & Science, Go Ahead Pick My Brain You Can, I Give All the Answers No One Else Can! I AM THE LOVE GURU.


When you feel that "spark" and want to ignite a FIRE… Ask Nico and together we will find the answers you DESERVE! The quest for love and to find the perfect mate can often be very challenging and difficult for us all. We sometimes find ourselves analyzing a romance and wanting it to be more. We get caught up in wondering and obsessing. Love can blind us and we sometimes need a second opinion. I am experienced answering all of the following and providing success. Is this person your soul mate? Is this the connection you have been waiting for? When will they contact me? How do we match in love, disagreements, communication- and our long term path? When you need help and success with a soulmate connection, come by and Ask Nico!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Successful Life/Relationship Coach

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Assistant Babalawo (Priest of Santeria)


I run my own business that is based solely off of all my advising, reading and consulting. This is a result of my long study of Human Psychology and practiced use of Spiritual Gifts.

My long history of personal experience with women both sexually and in a relationship serves to help give a male perspective. ALL of the women who consistently come to me gain their hearts desire.

I have done many internship hours counseling. While studying in the University I have worked at Botanicas in Orlando & Miami as an assistant Priest (Babalawo) of Santeria.

I have traveled and lived all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, Italy and Greece. I regularly hold sessions with people of all continents for a variety of different reasoning but the results are the same.

When people come to me they gain crucial insight and perspective about their past present and future that can make THE DIFFERENCE between a relationship failing or thriving. The same can be said of business as I also do business consulting.

It is a privilege to live this life and I believe that in order to stay "GOLDEN" I must lead others to be "MADE OF GOLD." Which means gaining all of their hearts desires as I gain my own.

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

Local Time: (GMT-05:00) February 20, 2019, 05:30PM

Location: Miami, Fl  (Find on Google Maps)

$2.83 per minute (after your approval)

Half Hour $60 / Full Hour $100

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89 Reviews: 81 Excellent 4 Satisfactory 4 Unsatisfactory

17 Dec 2018 excellent ranking cait

Best advice I've had in a long time. Hes a straight to the point person. Very Yang Thank you

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03 Dec 2018 unsatisfactory ranking aish (unregistered)

He starts by saying he doesnt sugar coat. He ends up doing nothing by sugar coat. Full of nonsense. He is the biggest scam on this site

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18 Nov 2018 unsatisfactory ranking A (unregistered)

Terrible, wasted my time. He went on tangents and made no sense. Didn't answer what I asked and definitely said things that are not relevant to my life

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27 Oct 2018 excellent ranking newlife20142

He is right it is time for me to move and informed me to listen to my gut. I FELT it before the call. wow

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13 Oct 2018 excellent ranking lep93

Very different from the rest. I love his style of reading, covering everything you are asking yourself. Very clear, and right on target. Thank you for making me feel at ease with my situation, with more clarity and comfort. Nico is good at what he does, he is true and very helpful. Thanks again Nicodemus :)

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