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Tarot,Empath,Love,Spiritual Advisor,The Occult and more.Ask,and I interpret the messages from Ancestors and Spirit Guides.Healing,Medium,Coach and more.Ask me and gain all the answers you seek.NO GENERAL QUESTIONS.BE HONEST.


Greetings! I am an experienced over 20 years and highly gifted Empath and born Diviner. That means I have the ability to see and feel deeper into any situation with the use of Tarot as my Divination tool among many other forms. If you need guidance spiritually, love life, or more contact me now! All are welcome!Get the truth from The Universe today! THE 3 MINUTES IS FOR INTRODUCTION AND FOR ME TO CONNECT TO YOUR ENERGY. IT IS NOT 3 MINUTES FOR A "FREE READING"


I choose to use my abilities for self help and improvement of YOU.If you are asking about your love life, have the mindset to phrase the question like this: "What unknown challenges are currently effecting my relationship?" OR "What action can I take to improve/move on/process the relationship?" Keep in mind that as your mind changes and you choose a course of action,so will the outcome.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Holistic Life Coach

Certified Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Coach (*must already be active in recovery and in program with medical and mental health professionals)




Cognitive Behavior Coach

Isefa, West African Spirituality

Diviner of Tarot and African Traditional Practices of divination such as Obi Abata, prayer, and offerings to specific deities. The forms of divination is great in numbers for me to list all here that I practice. Just ask me!


I have over 20 years experience in divination for many areas of life from death (help through grief coaching), Dream Interpretation, Ancestor and Spirit Guide messages, divorce and letting go,preparing mind and spirit to date, and most of all introspection of yourself for improvement of the WHOLE person you are. Mind, body, and spirit.

Tarot is a quick deep tool I primarily use to divine, however I am very skilled in many forms and tools of Divination. Especially African Traditional Spirituality. I will not "tell you what you want to hear." I will tell you the truth as I see, feel, hear, and interpret your energy and situation. Be patient, and truthful,as each aspect of your question is interpreted, (your current mindset,financial, and physical situation, and so on).

If you know you are ready to move forward in truth of self and your life, then call now!

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14 Nov 2018 unsatisfactory ranking dee (unregistered)

OMG.....I never leave negative remarks, but this lady is an absolute JOKE. She couldn't answer any questions. Kept saying its too soon to tell. She isn't for sure. Why the heck are you up here? YOu are a big ripoff.

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13 Nov 2018 excellent ranking muffy

Grate reding, thnx

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02 Sep 2018 excellent ranking laurelle

Good advice

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25 Jul 2018 excellent ranking neary978

She gave me great advices. Connected and caring. Definitely will come back. Thank you so much! :)

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24 Jul 2018 excellent ranking sweetydarlz

Thank you dear for the messages! They are accurate!

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