The Psychic Witch


Intuitive Medium & tuning into your spirit guides to help you with your problems and connecting you with loved ones who have crossed over.

I also do Spiritual life coaching & Spell casting.

Expert Guidance In ~ Death ~ Witchcraft ~ Spells ~ Spell Casting ~ Spirits ~ Spirit Contact ~ Spirit Guides ~ Conjuring ~ Love/Relationships ~ Life Choices ~ Alternative Life Choices ~ Finance ~ Career + More.

Kayleie is a highly regarded intuitive psychic medium & witch. She is described as down-to-earth, open minded, compassionate, full of wisdom and insight she is well beyond her years as she has had many lives.

If you are looking for LOVE MAGIC I can help you but I will not take on every case!


1. I will not break up any relationship!

2. I will not do mind control only love magic!

3. Be realistic!

4. You must believe for this to work!

  • Casting or Conjuring is much like law of attraction you must not have any doubt in your energy!
CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have opened my past lives to gain the knowledge of many life times. I am extremely wise and well beyond my fiscal years. Since the gaining of my knowledge I have set out to share with the world and have been doing so now for many years.


I have over a 96% accuracy rate and don’t ever let someone tell you they are never wrong.

I have meditated and come up with a great method of deciphering messages from spirit.

I always tell it like I see it and never say what you want to hear. Always what needs to be heard! NO SUGAR COATING!

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