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Hayley Daniels-Lake

Hayley, Empath, Energy Reader and Coach. No Information Needed.


Fast typer and honest with UK charm. Love and Career are my specialities! My readings pull on various aspects, including what challenges and how to overcome them, to provide you a full picture regarding your questions.

I can help you see what he/she is feeling, how to progress and how to help you move forward.

I only ask that you come into your session with an open mind and prepared to take a look at yourself and ready to take the steps needed to improve your life.

I no longer offer timeframes as I found that often people were using these as a crutch and holding themselves back.

No sugarcoating or spells. LGBT friendly, $20 minimum.

I do have several offers encompassing both readings and coaching depending on what it is you prefer or are looking for at the moment.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:
  • Crystal healing
  • Colour therapy
  • Spiritual healing
  • Life coaching

However I do believe that degrees and certifications don’t necessarily make a good psychic. Whilst my qualifications have helped me along this path nothing compares to experience and learning to tune in and interpret the information given. My reviews speak for themselves in relation to this.

My abilities include:


Clairvoyance (Seeing)

Claircognizance (Knowing)

Clairaudience (Hearing)


Tarot Readings

Angel Readings


I grew up in a very spiritualist family and so have been learning to read energy and use "tools" from a very young age. This experience has been developed and "fine-tuned" through years of practice both personally and professionally.

Following completion of the various healing qualifications mentioned above. I started working publicly as a reader on various sites in 2008. Across all platforms I have a 5 star rating and many, many repeat clients who come back to me over and over again as they find me to be a compassionate, accurate reader.

I do not give free readings, free updates or provide refunds. All sessions end when funds or prepaid time runs out.

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

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24 Feb 2018 excellent ranking ayumi56

Thank you Hayley for your support always. You always give me the right words and guidance. I hope I could tell you that I got what I was waiting for in this year;) Talk with you soon!xxxx

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23 Feb 2018 excellent ranking clesley

Thank you Hayley. I can never give you enough praise. You’ve never needed anything from me to tell me like it is! ❤️

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22 Feb 2018 excellent ranking baibailala2

Why are you so.... on point?!?!?! LOL. Thanks Hayley. You did it again! I needed clarification and I got a lot from this. I did. Thank you so much for giving me a bit of more time to help clarify things for me. I repeat this a lot but you are always my to go to reader. I am glad that I found you. You're a lifesaver! The best on bitwine! <3

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21 Feb 2018 excellent ranking may11

Very kind

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18 Feb 2018 excellent ranking baibailala2

This reading couldn't get any better! Hayley helped me out sooooo much and I can't thank her enough! Everything is so clear and filled with compassion and detailed enough to make it all worth it. I got a lot from this, she may be a bit expensive but every dime is worth it. Thank you for helping me! Always my go to reader. She is like the messenger with access to my soul. And I am also shocked how spot on she is with the situation. Never once has she failed me. All of the readings she has done for me is making sense as of now. Everything is slowly unfolding, so I know, she is worth it! I love you. God bless!

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