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As a Clairvoyant Medium or Claire-Intuit I get images & words from my guides. Integrating highly skilled Tarot interpretations to round it out.


I can accurately access a snapshot of your emotional connections, & outcomes. Being very much like receiving a weather report: with emotional & situational changes.


Clients wanted who will really benefit from my readings are people who are aware that a reading reflects the process of life itself, and are seeking the truth, whether that is good or not so great.


I don’t use a traditional spread during internet readings, but provide you with information on a question by question basis. For me much better when doing shorter internet readings. The more precise your question, usually the more precise your answer.

NO PER MIN offered, flat rates only

*No Medical readings

Basic Intro ADD-ON time: 10 min for $10.00

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

My natal chart as a Pisces and the various other placements incline me to have psychic gifts. So I am a natural born psychic and medium.

College studies in Psychology and English literature. My fascination in psychology was with Carl Jung’s archetypal symbolism.

Learned Tarot through Joseph Campbell’s method who was both a psychologist & a mystic. It has been a huge & interesting journey since that point.

Studied tarot, runes, cartomancy, intuitive exercises with no tools, and numerology & astrology.

Studied Meditation for many years and then taught it after I became a message therapist, and thereby learned energy work to access healing.



25+ years experience in professional readings internationally.


The Requested Timeline: with this method accuracy can go either way, spirits decision to let you know or not.

The Un-requested Timeline: I have found this way to be more accurate, upon observation.

Timelines can be unstable because of free will/free choice in given situations. Use them as "ROUGH GUIDELINES" only.

I offer timelines when they come naturally during the course of the reading (and they can come) but, if not I will remain silent. You can ask or build a timeline within any question, this is your ‘hoped for time’ into any of your questions. Example: Will Bob contact me within 2 weeks?


A good connection in a reading to me is defined as both client & psychic creating a neutral attitude. With negative attitudes on both sides it can then BLOCK a good connection. Choosing to be receptive about whatever information is being obtained is imperative.

Reviews speak for themselves about consistent accuracy. But expect times of inaccuracy too for just being human.

No longer offer free connections. Sorry.


Given that people, will seek out multiple readings for the purpose of comparing mutual agreement in all the readings. This supposes that matching readings is then "true", which is normal. Should there be a different viewpoint than hoped for, let that not be discounted. There might be another message or angle coming through.

Psychics are all different and have different gifts at different levels.


If you feel confused over a reading, the answer to that usually lies within the confusion of the person you are asking about for the psychic to pick up on. Confusion comes out in the reading until they get clearer themselves about you, or their life. If you’re dead set against the psychics interpretation, it could be a connection issue & the psychic or yourself are not feeling well enough, due to heavy emotions or physical ailments to be neutral enough to read presently, and should just try again later.


Partial refunds only! Discussions for a refund must occur before the session ends & not via email, as I work with Bitwine & not for Bitwine.

1. I will give you 50% refund, fair play for your reason, and my efforts, at my discretion.

2. If you go through your credit card company after the reading ends & claim ‘unauthorized’ or any other reason, expect me to contest it, ok? Fair warning.

3. The reason should be sufficient so as to not be that you didn’t like what I said.

My advice is to keep an eye on your own expectations of what you might hope to hear, especially in romance.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.


Satya (Kiora)

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17 Jul 2018 excellent ranking mamcg95

Satya is gifted beyond belief. I’m still in shock at her ability to see underneath and inside the situation. She is very specific and I enjoyed visiting with her so much. Highly highly recommend

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08 Jul 2018 excellent ranking alexandras0627

Picked up on things I didn’t mention- hopefully predictions pass as well!

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25 Jun 2018 satisfactory ranking max (unregistered)

Hmmmmm not sure what she says, conflicted herself as I told things and she keeps changing the reading. Not happy with this.

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23 Jun 2018 excellent ranking lovelight819

Absolutely amazing. Highly recommended! I love her insight and how she takes her time to educate her clients and to separate the questions so you get the most out of your reading.

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20 Jun 2018 excellent ranking thisismelissa

One of a kind reading, I very calm feeling surrounded me during our reading that really left me feeling amazing. Loved every bit of our reading, extremely thorough and accurate I was left with so much clarity and confirmation on what I have been feeling. I really appreciate this style of reading and appreciate your help

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