I give guidance to those who are suffering from heartache and misfortune in life. I use my gifts in psychic clairvoyance and spiritualism to devine for you the correct path and to heal you heart and soul. I am honest and want sincerely to help you. I am an accredited social worker (25 years) and a successful business developer. Exceptional Experience :) Thank you for this opportunity.

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Empathic,Intuitive,Healer,Clairvoyant, clairsentient


I am happy to disclose to you details of my psychic ability and true event experiences. I have Clairvoyant Gifts and have used them my whole life long. I have detailed to you a few of the events that has happened in my life. I am also a Social worker and have an excellent reputation. I have worked as an accredited Social worker for 25 plus years. I love helping people. I currently am volunteering as an art therapist at handicapped group residences as well as I work in retirement homes with the aged. I am also am a successful business person and own two companies.

To divine your direction in life, I use the Mythic tarot and Ryder Waite  tarot cards, Rune stone cards and Palmistry.   I am highly intuitive and have  seen and interacted with spirits.  Some of the spirits  i have seen end up being  on television!  I currently receive messages about you through your energies,  spirit whispers;  tarot cards are helpful to divine further clarity).

My Grandmother was extremely psychic and used Tarot cards in Scotland. She was the cornerstone of my life. Her mother was also psychic. She believed that i was like her. I am a joyful person and I also use Tarot cards but I get strong, powerful visions connected with Higher Astral forces and I do not always rely on Tarot for divination. Because You can see the energy, I also use the Pendllum. I have kept my Gifts private and secret for years for fear of being thought about negatively.

I have had Cancer four times. During my third event, my seventeen year old cousin passed away from cancer. She said that there was an angel by her side. I believe this with all my heart. I was also not expected to live either. However the day after my cousin passed, an angel whispered to me what I had to do to fight Cancer. These things are known now but at the time they were not known. As I healed I was very grateful for my health.

From a very early age I had an awareness and an uncanny feeling for the way things worked. I prayed for a better home and within weeks my mother was able to buy a home with no credit and little money. At the age of 9 years, I was running home to have lunch, I felt like I was floating. I was hit full on by a Toronto streetcar and my body bounced up and then under the car. From above, I saw the driver and the people. They did not want to look under the car. I wanted them to come and pull me out. I was sad that they were not doing this. Time seemed to move very slow. Then an angel came and told me that it was not my time and I was going back. The crowd of people were shocked.as they saw me crawl out from under the streetcar. Miracle experiences like these have happened for me my whole life long! I can connect to your guides and make Miracles also happen for you :)!

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07 Aug 2013 excellent ranking mindfulsolutions

I feel she reads with good intention. I wish I had more funds for a more thorough reading. Thankyou

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06 Jul 2013 satisfactory ranking woodhavenapt90

makes good points and generous with her time.

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27 Mar 2013 excellent ranking jerry2461

good reading

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08 Jan 2013 excellent ranking tarosss67

very sweet lady

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24 Aug 2012 excellent ranking sa10

Sorry we got cut off..But just wanted to thank you for your insights. :)

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