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Psychic Zeo

Inspiring Powerful Soul Readings


In my readings, be prepared to embrace the fullness of truth and the assurance of "The Promise" God has for in stored for you in your life right now. I am honored to be able to access plans and information that the Creator God set in place. Remembering, than in everything comes with "his timing". I synthesize the energy around your situation and surrounding events to bring understanding and answers to the "why" of the NOW. Though my intuition, I can pick up on intentions, motivations, thoughts, future actions and other detailed information about your issues. I always speak the truth, without holding back. I will not avoid pertinent information to feed the ego or fear of future offense by naming necessary barriers your holding in your life or milestones coming to you life. I do things only under the command of the Holy Spirit and principled to ethics. It would be a joy to be instrumential in your ability to heal, release, grow and awaken.


I have been reading professionally for 16 years (as of 2011).

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