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You may have seen me on Fantasy Factory on MTV, Biography Channels new show Curses or read one of my 28 published articles in a magazine. My Grandfather was a medicine man for the Caddo Nation. I am not a member of that nation as I choose not to be. The spiritual work I do is real. The words of my blessings change Rose Quartz from pink to white, you can see it happen. My energy healing work can be done on-line or on the phone, and it still works within 15 seconds to 5 minutes with lasting results. Let my Shamanic vision work for you. Accept a blessing and feel its power working for you right away. I am here for you.

Walks With Thunder

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I am Shaman Born. It runs in my family line on my mothers side. I didn’t learn the way of the Shaman from another Shaman- the Spirits teach me gently when I sleep. And I believe that everyone can do what I do. Just like the Spirits who teach me, I can’t keep a good thing to myself.


I have been able to see Grandfather Spirits since the age of two and could bi-locate (literally be in two places at once) by the age of fourteen. I didn’t know those things were special. I thought everyone could do it! And you know, I was right. The classes I teach around the United States are based on this.

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