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Do you need someone to talk to that will listen without judging you? Do you have a question most people would call you crazy for asking? Do you or someone you know see things, hear things, or sense things out of the ordinary? Maybe you experienced a haunting or possession and just need someone to talk to about it. Maybe you just need someone to talk to, period. No matter what, this is your place to relax and learn.

What if I told you IT IS POSSIBLE to reverse the effects of ADD,ADHD,Bipolar Disorder,Anxiety and many other lifelong "supposed" mental/chemical illnesses? Interested?... Thought So

It is my personal calling to reach those who need to be reached, and teach those that will listen. I can’t guarantee you all the answers, but I can try to help get you pointed in the right direction.

Hope To Hear From You Soon! Thanks and Be Blessed!

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On a basic understandable level, My general way of speaking is with a bluntly spoken system,carved from techniques of some of the most ancient texts on hidden knowledge,will & intent,concentration and many other potent controversial topics; as well as modern psychology and mind-mapping techniques. I’m familiar with a large variety of subjects and excelled in many of them during my high school career.( Example: Asian History, Sociology and Psychology, Biology, Creative Writing) Outside of school, I studied many ancient medicines and martial arts, and experimental sciences; such as those within metaphysical studies.

To put it bluntly, my qualification to teach you goes deeper than most people could literally comprehend or believe, but I’m offering my service here because the people that need "my kind of advice" most likely already have no where else to turn to…

God Bless You and Fill You With His Divine Spirit! I look forward to any way I can help, so give me a call!


Sick of vague questions & answers given by "supposed" top psychologist? Tired of therapists & counselors that sweet talk you out of your money? IF SO,chat with me for an upfront no-holds-barred,yet calm,cool and collective healing conversation! "Real talk,Real Problems,Real People"

To put it simply…

I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn from and speak to a large number of social groups,martial artists,religious leaders and professionals of various other sorts. I grew up with a very different mindset than most people I knew and I never really knew the definition of "normal" because my entire life has been filled with unbelievable/paranormal experiences and dangerous situations, but I never really understood why those things happened to me until now.

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