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Since birth, I have been gifted with empathic abilities. From communicating with passed loved ones, to reading auras,time frames, and predicting the future. In our sessions you as my client/friend tell me very personal and sensitive information. I feel that I should tell you a little about my self. I began to notice my gifts for speaking with guides at a very early age. My mother used to say that I would walk up to random people in public, and begin to tell them there life story. My mother would often suggest my advice to to her friends, or family members who used to "compassionate" me gum,candy and sometimes a quarter here and there. My compensation was irrelevant. All that mattered was using my gifts. I loved feeling the sense of pride when I saw the look of hope, or satisfaction on theirs face. It became clear to me as I got older that this was my purpose in life. I also loved doing it. It was then that I started to work "full time" both online and locally. Offering my services to many people around
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