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Psychic Vicci - Heard on over 100 Radio Broadcasts - Seen in STAR Magazine Jan 20,2004 edition where she provided the year ahead predictions for celebrities - Accurate psychic detail with Spiritual Assist - Transformational Clairvoyant - Honest Practical


I think the best thing about the future is that there is “usually” time to change it. By taking a “psychic look” @ the road ahead of you and then, by tuning into what others involved are thinking & planning – together we can usually turn a negative situation into a positive outcome.

My readings are a bit different, I think, from “most” readings. I do usually sense a yes or no answer to questions … but I also will sense when there is the opportunity to change the outcome. How it plays out “in my head” – someone says to me, “Vicci, will I get this new job?” I hear, see or write – NO. But then, I will see 3 roads ahead. I now know, okay this person could change things. There are 3 ways this could go. The fact that I psychically received the “no” response – means … as things stand now – she or he will NOT get the job. However, I also know because I see the roads – that they could change this outcome.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

In Sept 2012 I will pass my 17th year of providing professional psychic readings. All of those years can be verified.

I was the resident psychic medium for the former broadcast of AngelWaves Talk Radio 1999 to 2002. Each week I provided readings for callers on the live spiritual talk show.

I have been listed on Bob Olsons Best Psychic Mediums Directly for the past 9 years and on the Top 100 Psychics on the Web since 1999.

I provided readings for top celebrities and provided my psychic insight on Princess Diana’s passing in the internationally known magazine STAR.

I designed & developed a series of interactive workshops & products titled "Only A Veil Divides" – this series focused on Soul Mate Encounters & Are YOU Psychic? this is a course for the person who is experiencing psychic symptoms.

I have provided readings by telephone, in person, & Email for 16 yrs and I’m proud to be a part of the Bitwine Community of professional psychic readings offered online.



With every reading, I hope to look at the road ahead and either warn you of the hurdles or let you know how you can change a bad situation. Of course, not every situation can be changed. And when a situation cannot be changed, I think it can be healing to know why.

I can not tell you what you may want to hear if its not what I am sensing.

If your looking for someone to do that, I am not the reader for you.

I don’t LIKE to deliver news that you may not want to hear. I will look at every angle to see if the unwanted circumstance can be changed.

But again, I can’t tell you yes if its a no or vice versa.

I have provided professional readings for 16 years, over the years, I have had many customers that have returned to me months & years after their reading because I did tell them the truth … they were not happy at the time..but now, they returned because they knew they would receive the truth.

I hope this is something you can appreciate…the truth. If YOU think you already KNOW what is going on in a situation – you don’t need me. Reconsider a reading.

If you are looking for a 3 minute reading or a $5 reading … again, I am not going to be the best reader for you. Take time to browse the selection of psychics on this board. There are many readers who charge a lower fee which means, you can spend more time with them. The lower price doesn’t mean they are not good, it may mean they have just joined this community and are offering a special price.

I do not offer refunds once time is provided to you. I will do a connection process before you are asked to hire me. Once the hire mode is activated, I have no doubt that my connection is accurate and therefore, your Paypal account will be charged for the reading and time I spend with you. If a payment goes into dispute, and the reading was provided to you, all confidentiality is null & void as my office will need to verify that the reading was provided to any & all credit companies.

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26 Sep 2010 satisfactory ranking autumn10 (unregistered)

not sure what to think here, seemed helpful and nice but ALOT did not make sense, even though established connection. Thanks anyways, i'm more confused now though.

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28 Jul 2010 satisfactory ranking chucklesk

got disconnected....will be back

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