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What shall you leave behind in order to fully embrace the new opportunities ahead of you? Together, we shall look and lay out a path that is strong and stable for you. Failure is not an option! Lets' get started!


Choose a special today! Price increase effective July 1, 2020. So, I can continue to be generous in return. xo Your minutes only begin, when your reading does! Welcome! Thank you for coming by. I am Fallon, with over 20 years of experience in metaphysics, my wish is to help those, that are guided to me. Whether it’s love and marriage, career and money, I will be happy to assist you, get to the truth of the matter. I may not tell you what you want to hear but I will tell you, what you need to hear. I take my work very seriously, please do the same. It’s time, let’s begin.

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I work with healing energies.

If my status is set to "away" please feel welcome to email me. I will be happy to be available, if you do!!!xo

Please do not hit,"charges cancelled by client." This is causing a huge disconnect, as I am receiving your information. Causes a flag to go up! Instead, be ready to accept the charge, or ask for a special. I cannot continue, until payment has been arranged. Thank you for allowing me to look with you.


20 years of professional readings.

I am no longer reading for those that are not registered. Having been taken advantage of, I am done with it. If I have read for you before and I have met some great people that are not registered, please email me and we will work it out.

There are many things, we have no choice but to be but a thief is not one of them.

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