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2O years of Professional Life coaching for all your needs,EFT treatment for all healing,Oracle card readings,Spiritual Advisor,Reiki Distant healer I’m a Clairvoyance Clairaudience Clairsentience and is very Clair empathy (Empathic Healer), Metaphysics,Quantum physics. Negative spirits braking chords Exorcism removing of attacks Negative Spirits past present and future chord braking I work with Angels Holy spirit God My Guides and A presence you will be Blessed and feel The Angels as we speak many healed.

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Ordained Minister, Metaphysics,Quantum Physics,Reiki master,Life coaching,Spiritual Counselor,Love, Relationships,Law of Attractions For Business,Career, Love, Health,He does what Spirits says to do for all your Needs for the time you need it.


Clairvoyance Prophetic Patrick William
Is A Ordained Minister for many years, Is a Clairvoyance- (Visionary) and a Clairaudience -( Intuitive to here),Clairsentience – (Prophetic) and is very Clair empathy (Empathic Healer), Metaphysics,Quantum physics, professional song artiste writer sound production studios,Producer Musician of 30 years Author Of 6 Meditation Healing CD’S,Author Of Books,Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach,EFT TREATMENTS in a unique chanting way for all symptoms, A Faith Energy healer Practitioner, Dream Analyzer, Intuitive Seer Reader, Spirit Soul Blessing Healing, Theophostic Healing,Ancient Hebrew healing,Reiki Master.Spiritual Speaker Teacher (spirit vs Soul teachings)he has a Christ Anointing holy spirit channeling of golden light..Yahweh A Unique Healing Technique with a Yemenite shofar from Israel, that he uses for healing Past, present & to brake of negative chords curses, to bless and heal To Awaken your spiritual DNA.he is also a Paranormal investigator performs exorcisms.Patrick has always had a connection to the Christ light & spirit of yeshua Holy spirit his Angels, Guides and Masters.Patrick sees what GOD sees for you and here’s what spirit wants to say to you what ever god has for you at the time he gets it, it might not be for what you asked but spirit knows best.Patrick wants to thank you for the opportunity to read you and or Heal and connect to help provide insight into all facets of your life.Patrick looks forward to speaking with you helping you for all your needs.) god bless love & light

  • Reiki Master * EFT Chanting hebrew name * Thefa Hebrew Healing * Clairvoyance Readings * Intuitive Life coach * Yemenite shofar Healing
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