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I am a honest, kind, and very open person. I accept all individuals and will be glad to work with just about everyone. Reading tarot has always been an interest of mine since I was very little. As I grew I noticed my readings only became more and more accurate and so I decided to share what little knowledge I have with the world, or rather bitwine customers. I specialize in love and relationships, money/finances, and self-knowledge readings.

I also cast spells for cleansing, love, money, and guidance. I WILL NOT charge you $1,500 as some psychics do. It is utterly ridiculous how they assume the whole world can afford those digits. My fee isn’t even half of that! What I require is just $15.00 for materials. Literally. I don’t make a profit off of spell-casting simply because I don’t see the reward in it. If the spell materials end up costing me less than $15.00 I’ll refund you the difference (prices change with my supplier depending on the make/demand of an item.)

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Seven years of reading for family, friends, and customers. I hope to build a reputation on here also. Blessed Be.


I know this isn’t experience but I ran out of space to mention this. IF you believe you are under any type of curse/hex or negative influences please do contact me. I’ll do whatever I can to be-rid of ‘it’ at NO COST! I have a lot of supply for these types of spells, so in turn I do not require costs for material.

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