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Hello, I have been psychic for many years and I am of romanian decent. I have very powerful abilities that will show you that I am real. I will always do my best to give accurate, detailed and clear information. I can help you in love relationships and matters of the heart. I Can also help in any family matters,career, and money concerns that you may have. I can tell you what the one you love is thinking, Feeling,seeing and what they will do next in exact detail. I can also help guide you to be with the one you love and have a more positive, stronger and long lasting relationship with the help of my guides.. please keep in mind that I DO NOT USE ANY TOOLS. I am also able to help with finances,divorce issues,and parenting, the hardest of issue will seem easier once you know how to approach and defeat them and take control of your life. Is he or she the one for you? is he or she your soul mate? Is he or she cheating on you? Is this the right career for me? I can pick up on past, present, future near or far.

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When I do my spiritual readings, I connect to my ancestor’s and listen to the spirits voices. Along with that I take my work on readings very seriously and do not tell what you would like to hear. I speak the truth from my inner wisdom. I trust you to listen to everything spirit has for you, that is very important. I speak the words the spirits speak for you! No tools,No date of births. I am very gifted to where i get information automatically. I let my spirit guide and ancestor’s help guide me to the spirit world to get you information that will help you on your path. I come from a long line of spiritualism and healers.


Considered to be a Master Psychic Medium, her rare psychic gifts make her readings highly accurate and very powerful.

To who it may concern: Hurt or in love, Krista Stewart is a real gifted psychic that consistently predicts world events that happens on live TV, year after year I am a true god gifted 110% gifted wonder working icon in love and relationships. Here is my certified bond with you. I give a fantastic guarantee to you with your satisfaction. I care, I’m faithful, I am unique and amazing, I am a religious certified spiritual healer year after year. I am known everywhere in the world I have famous documents to give you 100% proof.There is only a handful like me, that is a relationship specialist with 47 years experience. I am rated number 1. I have been in business a long time. I am swift with my clients, I respect my clients and I do not avoid my clients. My clients do love me very very much. My clients will stand behind me for what I did for them. They are truly blessed now for years. You to will be blessed by my love work.

I will consult you on real true downfall relationships. I have pure real true shamanic process of cleansing and balancing energy throgh the chakras and reiki and pranic healing che / cosmic healings energy / and body memory retrieval and past lives healing. light institute of galisteo / and sessions are focussed on the balancing and clearing cleaning the chakras the gateway to the psychical body. I HAVE THE POWER THOROUGH MY WORK TO CHANGE the way they think about life. I will bring understandment and meaning in your life. I remove negative blocks from everywhere I find out the cause of your breakup separation and lack of communication. You will not get this service from another Psychic I promise you that.no psychic on the Internet is compatible with my work. No lies and no false promises. So call me now Lets do a consultation to find what we can do for you.

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