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All things are energy. When broken down to the most simple form, all things are created from energy. Scientifically this can measured through faculties like resonance vibration and sound (pitch-frequency). Everything vibrates; everything has its own frequency. As a Psychic Advisor, I tap in to the Energy of things you are in question about. Whether it is another person, a job or project, a relationship, an item you may have lost, a friend or loved one, or anything you wish to receive a reading on. I sense the vibration and/or frequency of the thing in question, and provide you with details about the vibration or energy and how it relates to you. Now this is important; how the details of the vibration I pick up on, relate Directly to you. Since you yourself are vibrating at your Own frequency, it is important to gauge how the things you question affect your own vibratory level. This is how I am able to pick up on answers for your questions.

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When picking up on information psychically, I experience the sensations known as Clairvoyance and Clairesentience. I see and feel the energy of yourself and the object(s) of your queries. I share my visions and feelings with you, giving you lots of information that you have been searching and asking for. I also have a predominantly strong gift of Foresight. I am able to see how things will pan out in the future, based on the decisions you have made and the surrounding circumstantial energetic vibrations of the situation(s) at hand.


With over 8 years of professional psychic advising experience; featured on radio talk-shows around the world; I provide information that comes directly from Spirit. I specialize in Foresight, Clairvoyance and Love Connections

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