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Sunny is an intuitive with many talents. She achieved the state of Divine Union/ONENESS with All in 2004. She directly accesses Divine Source (GOD) consciousness, Akashic records, and communicates with your personal guides, angels, the deceased and many high consciousness groups including the Guardians, the Ancestors, and the Arcturians. Her extra-sensory ability accesses people’s feelings, emotions and experiences. With this gift, Sunny offers clarity in human interaction and relationships for higher purpose.

In a session with Sunny, she includes all of her gifts and talents: it may include energy healing, counseling, channeling, past life reading, pattern restructuring, guided imagery/meditation and more.

Sunny’s unique Oneness connection with Gaia, Earth consciousness, allows her to strategically create harmonious energy wherever desired. This may include residential, commercial property or large areas of land. This can be done remotely or on site at your property.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

BA, Journalism and
BA, Visual Communication & Design,
plus a multitude of kinesiology and fitness certifications, and advanced classes in health and healing


Sunny’s story begins with a near-death experience at age 4 which gave her a deeper insight into life and death and opened Sunny up to a future of many uncommon possibilities. For example, in 3rd grade a non-physical spirit tried to give her answers to a test. Unfortunately, she got a failing grade! She learned then that not all non-physical spirits can see the truth and has not forgotten that humorous experience.

Many years, non-physical spirits, and clients later, Sunny has developed her skills and talents to a high degree. She continues helping individuals to find the answers to their own questions, challenges, and life’s purpose.

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Languages: Fluent in English & Mandarin Chinese

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

Local Time: (GMT-05:00) July 04, 2020, 01:10PM

Location: Cary, NC  (Find on Google Maps)

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