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I’m an Empathic Sensitive personal and business advisor, meaning I can connect with your energy and feel what you are going through as you talk to me about whatever it may be you are dealing with. Whether you or someone you love with co-dependency issues, low self esteem, etc. I can help you. I have been there and know exactly what you are feeling. Sometimes you just need a person with an open heart and caring ear to hear what you are going through and then to give honest caring compassionate advice. I will not tell you what you want to hear I will be honest and tell you what I am feeling from what you are telling me. I have knowledge given to help people find the answers they need to hear at the very moment they need to hear it.

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Are you worried about what’s going on with your partner? If they’re acting strangely, staying away or out of touch, let me help you find their thoughts, feelings, and intentions.


I can help you find the obstacles to a happy relationship and look for ways to overcome the obstacles. If these difficult times are affecting your closest family relationships, let me help you understand changes in your partner, your parents, your siblings, your children. Found your Soulmate? Looking for your soulmate? What IS a soulmate anyway? If you are worried or confused, or merely curious about loved ones who have passed over, let me help you with clear and concise answers to your questions and concerns. Near death experiences in my early life have left me with an affinity for those who live beyond this plane. They do not leave us or forget us and they can help us with advice and guidance when we are open to that. Let me help you reach beyond for answers to your issues and concerns. I can explain what spells are and how they wo

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