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Have you activated your Higher Dimensional Aspects? Are you experiencing the Multi-Dimensional nature of your Soul? Now is the time to anchor the frequencies of our higher selves into the 3rd dimension and remember our Souls are who we really are. To be more familiar with my work join to me on my online radio show, for our powerful and transformative EXPERIENTIAL program. We will come together as Lightworkers and Way-Showers to anchor the Creator frequencies with Mother Gaia for the benefit of this joyous and beautiful planet we live on. We will be sharing the tools and techniques to fully integrate all aspects of our total being into our Conscious Awareness, and Divine Knowing. This process utilizing a Guided Meditation accesses a higher group intention with each episode of “Souls Evolution Journey and Self Empowerment.” All of us who participate will move forward in our quest to integrate the divinity within.


To work collectively to co-create together with the spiritual tools and techniques from creator and the spiritual hierarchy. The true connection with them is through the aspect of creator consciousness within each of our own souls; it is through this shared divinity our oneness with all of creation.

I teach self-empowerment through a sharing of Multi Dimensional and Multi Universal tools and techniques. These include a holographic crystal sphere, soul resonance projector. with Sacred Geometry and various higher universal frequencies from Creator, Metatron, and multi verse Christ, etc.

I am a Usui Reiki Master, Dolphin Crystal Reiki Master, Shambala Reiki Master Teacher, and other modalites. I have been doing healing / energy work over twenty years. Currently I am working in the nursing field in homecare.

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