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I am White Cloud, A Native American Indian. A traditionalist and a gifted Shaman. I was born from a long line of shaman blood. From a small child, I have traveled the Red Man’s Road. I have healed many, both spiritually and physically a like. Mother Earth is my greatest teacher and guide. She gives me the herbs and advice to help the World around me. Along with my ancestors, I have dedicated my life to helping others along their life’s journey. I have studied under great physics and they have helped me hone my skills as a tarot card reader, adviser, and counselor. Add this with my spiritual walk as a shaman and you get the best of new and old alike. Come let me help you with your Life’s Journey.

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I was born from a long line of shaman.
I have followed the Red Mans road my whole life.
I have studied under great physics.


I have healed many from spiritual and physical ailments alike. My ancestors help me to find answers to others problems. and Mother Earth gives me guidance as well. All in all I have a hot line to help and advice that I love to share with others.

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