Fast typist who gives timings and direction so that you can get the best results from your situation. Please provide name DOB and clear precise questions and remember this is not a free service


When you have a reading with me you won’t just get your answers but you will also be able to understand what you can do to make your situation better. It is no point me telling you what I see for you if you are one that is inclined to sabotage situations, especially relationships out of fear and anxiety. I have the skills to help you get the best out of your relationships not just with a love partner but with friends family and work colleagues. Although timing can be difficult to determine in this fast moving world we live in…where we are given many choices and often change our minds in regards to what we want…I can look into timing for you and will look at the scenarios around your situation which could pose as an issue for you getting what you want when you want it. Give me a call. Please be open with your question and understand if I ask you something it is not because I am digging for information i because I like to make sure I am tuned into you and your situation and only you.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Qualified Numerologist and Skillful Psychic Tarot Reader and hold NZ Diploma in Counseling and Master Reiki Healer. I have been working with people for almost 3 decades.


I have had the gift of psychic vision since, a small child. Although I do some medium work and can talk to your loved ones, I specialize more in connecting with your soul and you as an individual with unique individual needs through your soul. You birth code is the only thing that you can not change about you and I see it as the barcode to your soul. I am able to give you information by looking at your first name and your date of birth and timings… The best dates for certain things to be done and can look at others through their birth dates as well. I can also read the cards for you which I see as the tool that puts the story of you together more and fills in the detail also is great with the timing. Remember I am only here as the messenger and the guide. I can not make things happen for you can only tell you how best to get that which you want. The rest of it is up to you and how you react to things. Give me a call you will not be disappointed. I am fast and try to pack in as much detail as I can

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