Need answers...Tired of things not working out...I do not sugar coat or give false hopes


Are you looking for some direction? Needing a change from the same things happening that are keeping you stuck…in relationships…career and life in general. I offer to the point readings…I am compassionate but do not sugar coat. I have been reading for people for many years and working on bitwine for 11 of these. I will give timeframes if they show to me and help you to gain the outcomes you desire. Sometimes all we need is a little coaching into how to deal with our situation in the most positive and rewarding ways and I can help you do this. Be prepared to be told the truth, but do know I am nonjudgmental and very compassionate and understanding… Take a look at my deals

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Qualified Numerologist and Skillful Tarot Reader and hold NZ Diploma in Counseling and Master Reiki Healer. I have been working with people for more than 2 decades.


I have been working with people for almost three decades. I have a wide knowledge of the Tarot and are a trained Numerologist with a good understanding of Astrology. I can read people very well and pick up on others emotion. I am compassionate and understanding and will also give you tools to help you get on track in life. Remember that no problem is too big if you understand how to deal with it in the right way for the best results. A reading with me will help you find the solutions that work best for you to get the best results. Call me with your name dob and questions. Please remember the free time on here is for my tuning and introductions. I am a fast competent typist.

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