Choas Specialist - Mathematician and spiritual coach --- EMPATHIC GUIDE. FATE is what happens when you CHOOSE to do nothing


My specialty is finding patterns within Chaos. I am a mathematician and researcher in chaos and non-linear dynamics. My classical training in mathematics and physics is used to solve real-world problems.

HOWEVER, I was born a natural empath and my nurturing psyche seeks out troubled souls. I use both my natural abilities and my classical training to help find answers to your personal chaos.

I offer private readings using either a special “Chaos” tarot or a set of stones that were gifted to me by a light worker and spiritual teacher.

I can help distinguish where and how you can make critical changes in your life. Change does not occur in the universe with out force. LIFE IS NOT EFFORTLESS, but I can show you how to achieve the life you desire. I will teach you how to become your own source of power. Use this power to manifest that which you desire and which you deserve.

The Power Equation ==> Define Yourself + Know your Limits + Manifest Change

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