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My greatest pleasure is helping others understand and develop skills in dealing with love relationships in their lives. Together we will find a path to get you to the level of love and happiness you deserve.

I can offer my professional opinion on astrological signs, and sense if your relationship is compatible, I sense that through you who are, and who your love is.

Not all people need love to be happy, and that’s okay! There’s is no ‘rule’ That says you need a partner to truly enjoy yourself.

I offer Guidance in all relationships, life questions, and meditations to help soothe your anxiety and worries. I offer real advice to help you strive to be the best you, that you can become.


I’ve had these abilities since a young girl, inherited from my great-grandmother and have been practicing my art for at least 35 years. While it was a difficult journey, I learned how to sense the outcomes of someone’s destiny.

I’m confident in my abilities, and how I chose to practice them. It took a toll on me, until I learned that it’s who I am, and apart of who I am, is helping others. I couldn’t see myself without it, or the career that I have built for myself throughout the years, it’s not just a career, it’s my life, and I dedicate my life to helping those who need it.

I have my own business that I’ve had for 25 years, I specialize in helping people who are destined to become their best-self, and guide them towards that goal.

Whether or not you want a Career, a family, love. I have helped many achieved either of those things, and I wish to help many, many, more.

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