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EsoTarot Da Cane

⭐️ Shamanic Medium ⭐️


Nothing matters more to me than using my gifts & abilities to share abundant compassion, patience, grace and genuine love ❤️ with others.

⭐️I live to heal people & I love to do it!⭐️

Allow me to help you free your energetic soul from the limitations imposed by your body/habits and nurtured environments that are no longer serving your deeper sense of self…

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Certified Tarot Reader, Teacher of both Elder Futhark Runes & Tarot, Certified Astrologer ⭐️


I specialize in helping with anxiety, worry, depression, negative self-talk, healing from; sexual, psycho-social, & energetic enmeshments with unhealthy people.

I can help you enforce your boundaries, protect yourself, get out of negative cycles or generational curses, find empowerment in the face of oppression & clarity in the darkest of places…

I excel at healing the stagnated vibrations of the three lower chakra energy centers (& the habits, patterns, attachments, & energetic cycles that are rooted in these centers) & can help you if you have troubles in any of the following areas whether you have been wounded by people with these traits, think they may apply to your situation, or have these traits within yourself

I can compassionately guide you into healing from the following:

BPD, NPD, ADD, enforcing boundaries, self-protection, self-discipline, discussing troubling issues peacefully, negative self-talk, healing from past traumas & abuses of all types (physical, spiritual, psychological, financial, emotional, social, sexual) sexual healing, energetic ties & etheric cord cutting, generational curses, psychic vampirism (oppression, depression, loss & lack of personal power or volitions) alchemically altering victimhood/martyrdom mindsets, damaged/broken heart, healing cleansing, clearing & restoration of-base chakra, sacral chakra & solar/personal power chakra), low energy, depression, changing habits & pursuing goals, separation anxieties, abandonment/clingy/fear of being alone, building the strength to leave abusive and unhealthy situations, circumstances and patterns.

Feel free to ask me for whatever it is on your heart that you believe you need!

ADVICE: I am one of those really deep people and I find that it is best you review the details in our transcript following our session. I type in length so do be patient! I do not use the tarot to predict the future; no forecasting without accurate astrological information.

TIMEFRAMES are dependent on the choices or paths we follow or don’t follow at all times!

LEGALLY REQUIRED: Readings are for entertainment purposes ONLY! I am not qualified to give medical or legal advice that includes pregnancies!

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Languages: English

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Local Time: (GMT-05:00) August 20, 2019, 10:49PM

Location: Lynden, Canada  (Find on Google Maps)

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