true real honest psychic with over 10 years of experince with your name and dob im able to pick up on who what where when and why allow me to tap into poi feelings to tell you the truth! no suger coating just all real honesty call today for clear answers


I Am a Natural Born God Gifted Psychic Reader And Advisor With Over 10 Years Of Professional Experience! All That I Need Is A Full Name And Date Of Birth. The Reason I Need Those Things Is So That I Can Pick Up Onto Your Energy.I Offer A Lot Of Different Types Of Readings/Services Including

-Tarot Cards -Psychic Energy Readings -Soul Mate Readings -Oracle/Angel Card Readings -

And to look into all areas in Your Life. Relationships, Happiness,Family, Friends Career And Finance.

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most of my insights and intuition is a natural god gift. i am a 9th generation psychic healer and advisor. ever since i was a little girl i always knew i had insights and intuition, but i mostly read through the energy and use tools such as tarot card, crystals and things of that matter. i work with a lot of people to help them find there soul twin flame. there is over 8, billion people in this world we are bound to have a few soul mates, but a soul twin flame is someone you have a extra special connection with.


This is a natural god gift i do have. sharing my gift with love and light is the way to go for me. has always have psychic gift was at many fairs and events, and has locations in Corvallis or. Thirteen years experience with online Readings. Twelve years experience with Online psychic readings on a professional level. Over all 15 years of reading tarot cards and doing psychic reading.

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