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How have you guys been? I know these last several months have been quite intense for many. Let's take a look and see what you can expect for the upcoming months. Will you job be changing? Will there be more/less money flow? Relationship growth/change?


Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my profile. My name is Angela. I have worked as a psychic/medium for the last fourteen years! I have worked on some of the most reputable sites out there with five star reviews on them all. I also own my own psychic business. To say that my life calling is helping people would be an understatement. This is literally the only "job" I have ever had. I have been blessed to be able to use my gifts to help guide those that come to me towards having a better life for themselves. I work primarily as a clairvoyant,, but I also am clairsentiant, clairaudient and channel. I don’t use tools unless I am asked, but I am skilled in using tarot cards, the pendulum and runes. I can read on pretty much any situation. I am very down to Earth. I cannot and WILL NOT always be right. If I was, I would be God and honestly.. I don’t wanna try and fill those shoes lol. However, I promise to try and give you the best reading I possibly can to help you navigate your situation!

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Reiki Master Clinical Herbalist Yoga Master/Teacher Certified Spiritual Adviser


I type in length. So, it normally takes me a few minutes to get a message back over once I start reading.I do not type in small sentences. It is just not me. It is NOT me to give yes/no answers. IF YOU DO NOT WANT THIS OR ARE NOT OK WITH THIS DO NOT PURCHASE FROM ME. You and I both will be quite sad if you do.

Please have specific questions ready. I can do general readings, but I feel that readings flow better for you and myself when you just ask what you would like to know. If you genuinely don’t know.. that is OK and I can work with that, but know that you will get more for your buck if you just come out and ask! :)

Time frames are really just guide posts. Please treat them as such. They can and probably will change. The outcome is what matters in the end. I will give time frames, just know they are never set in stone.


I have worked as a professional psychic my entire working life. I knew at a young age I was meant to help other people with my gifts. I knew they were special and I knew I could make a difference. I have never had any other job. I started working as an online psychic when I was 15 (times were much different then lol). I worked for a very well known site and built a name for myself. From there, I moved on and worked for a couple different online call centers where I consistently received five star reviews as well. When I was ready, I launched my own business as a psychic, reiki master, clincial herbalist and yoga master. I currently still own that very successful business while also volunteering at hospitals to provide Reiki and work as a yoga teacher/spiritual adviser in a local wellness center. If you are looking for someone that has true, real life experience, I am the one for you.

Like I stated above, I cannot and will not always be right. I am human, just like you and just like everyone else. I may misinterpret a message. I may misinterpret something I see. You may not be ready for the message and I may just not get anything. If I stated that I was always right, I would be lying to you. Anyone that says they are.. is lying to you. My job is to try and get as much info as I can about your situation through my gifts to help guide you forward. PLEASE understand that how you handle a situation is ultimately up to you. Not me. Not anyone else. Psychic readings should be like timelines, guide posts. Use them as such, but don’t live by them. I have had many clients bring up a struggle with being addicted to readings or psychics. If this is you, take a step back. Breathe. Look at your situation. No psychic can or will live your life for you. You have to take that control. My job is just to help guide you the best I can <3. *

REFUND POLICY* Payment is for my time. Refund is at MY discretion. Unfortunately, too many people abuse the charge back system on PayPal to get free readings. By purchasing a reading with me, you understand that payment is for my time and that there is NO REFUND unless agreed too in conversation by me. By purchasing my time you willingly express that you are accepting there will be NO REFUND. If you truly feel that we do not connect, PLEASE let me know immediately. I am normally very flexible about refunding if you feel that what I have said doesn’t resonate at the time of the reading. However, I am not obligated and as stated will do it at my discretion.

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28 May 2020 unsatisfactory ranking sandhya13

The reading was somewhat confusing and did not seem to answer my exact questions.. most of the time was spent on the past and the current situation. I spent the entire $20 to finally receive one message and then got to know that it was not something I was looking for. I am quite disappointed. I would like a refund. I am sorry for the inconvenience. I understand that your bio states long messages, but spending entire $20 and knowing it was more of past and present disappointed me. There was no way to let her know immediately that I did not seem to connect. I think I am blocked. Hence, unable to sort this issue over conversation with you. Kindly provide a REFUND.

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26 May 2020 excellent ranking msnina1994

She was amazing. I will definitely be back

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22 May 2020 excellent ranking Rocio  (unregistered)

Thank you so so much!!! Always a good chat! ❤️

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22 May 2020 excellent ranking Mich123 (unregistered)

Angela is always honest, kind and accurate. Thank you.

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21 May 2020 excellent ranking shesall

Thank you for your consistent advice, always great and very informative.

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