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Spiritual Life Coach

spiritual life coach accurate and detailed reader. No false hope!


Hello, I am a 3rd generation gifted psychic for over 25 years with abilities of remote viewer, empathic, clairvoyant, medium, pet psychic, healer & psychic.I have been using her gift in good light and positivity for all walks of life find there destiny and happiness. I am friendly, compassionate and non-judgmental. My job is to give you clarity and peace of mind. I use my gifts to bring clarity and insight to your situation. Importantly, I don’t use any tools at all. I use my God given gifts to speak prophetically into the lives of so many people from all walks of life. I provide clarity in various areas such as relationships, finance, employment, career and so much more. You have questions? No problem, God uses me to give you answers. So let’s get you on the right path to where you should be

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I only ask for very little to no information needed to connect Over 25 years, I have been speaking into the lives of so many people to help bring positive change. These people consist of individuals, families, friends, love ones, business owners and much more. The Prophetic word is true, clairvoyant, intuitive, accurate and to the point. Regardless of the situation, I have helped people better their lives and still do so to this very day.


Studied at Berkley university currently writing a book on body,mind & soul I have work world wide helping other find there path to success. I help others to the right narrow path of there dreams. I am straightforward, caring and accurate. I have helped for over 25 years with my abilities.

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