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Hi! And welcome here’s a little bit about me and how I use my gift. I been blessed with my gift for as long as I could remember as a little girl I learned much more on how I wanted to use my gift. I’m empathic so not only do I tune into your Energy but others around you as well, I’m a love specialist so I do specialize in love and relationships I can help look into the energy of those you care about and tell you how they are feeling about you, Are you feeling Alone or is he/she being faithful towards you Is this person the one your meant to be with is she/he your soulmate. I can answer questions like this and more I can help you in all of these areas in life I’m here to help guide you in this.

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I read Aura’s past lives Give Energy Healings and I can Answer your questions about Money, Love, health, and Spiritual growth, I look into your Chakras and Aura and tell you what life you are creating and what you need to do to create the life you want

My Readings are delivered quickly! I am courteous, empathetic, and understanding I’m not one to Jude so please feel free to ask whatever you please.

be prepared to make payment when introductory time is up thank you.


I have over 12 years of experience I have been doing readings as long as I can remember and Love it! I have 3 locations around the world with my Business and also participate in events fairs and parties, Ever since a little girl I knew I was meant to be on this career path to help people and guide them in the right place that they are destined to be on and I hope I can help you too!.

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14 Oct 2018 unsatisfactory ranking amberaala

I'm very sorry to leave a bad review but paid 10$ to be told he will message Ask a lot of questions and when I suggested I wasn't getting anything out of this Commented I am usually a lot nicer and she can't type like a robot! Just wanted a bit more information Is all Refund would be appreciated! I did ask if I maybe would see him tomorrow Said maybe sure!? What does that mean?

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23 Mar 2018 unsatisfactory ranking eddiep

rude ...hang up on me and i think you shoulda give me a refund if you know you were gonna get mad and hang up..you gonna say i was upset but dnt you think if i were i woulda ask you for a refund before then hang up on you

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26 Dec 2017 unsatisfactory ranking saraj

Most general reading and I’m not convinced she is a psychic. If you’ve had a lot of readings you will know what I am talking about if you use her. Overall waste of 10 dollars.

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