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basic reading $30.00 in depth reading $60.00, in depth reading plus chakra anylize $70.00


gifted spiritual healer @advisor_aria who devoted her life to helping people. For decades She’s handled and succeeded through the most difficult and severe relationship problems. Aria has mastered and perfected love ritual healing and the way crystal magic is performed. Her ancient techniques are able to give you the results you desire. Specializing work on unconscious patterns that are hard to SOME SERVICES I OFFER ✨(Balancing Chakras -Root-Sacral-Solar Plexus-Heart-Throat-5 Eye-Crown. & more.)✨Long Distance Relationship Ritual ✨Love Spell removal from partner ✨Reunites Lost Love ✨Marriage Rituals ✨Binding Soulmate ✨Stops Breakup ✨Banish a past Lover from your mind ✨Lust Ritual ✨Business/Money Cleansing ✨Protection and Power Spells of any kind ✨Psychic Readings ✨Crystal Healer ✨Witchcraft removal

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

i truly care for my clients and want to see them suceed in everything that they do.

i want to help you get a better understanding of life, and build a friendship, as well as getting you on the right path.

I offer love connections,

I can reunite you with your loved ones,

I can guide you to your soulmate/twin-flame,

I can help you overcome financial stress,

I can help you set and reach your goals,

tell me what you need/want and i will help you get it,

lets get you on the road to aa better life.

don’t waste your time and energy thinking about what you could or should have done differantly,

stand up and make a change, its never to late to turn your life around, to be strong, sucessful, happy, peacefull, joyfull, impowering, self confident, independant,

don’t allow negative situations to overpower you there is no darkness that light cannot defeat.

find out if someone surrounding you is bringing you down.

get true answers, call now i will not let you down!


i have helped many since i was a young girl to guide them to see the path that they were meant to be and find true love and happiness.

do you have an addiction? is this addiction leading you to destruction? come to me and i can help you overcome your addiction and beat temptation.

do you feel like you are slowly losing the one you love most? i can bring you back to one another, and your relationship will be better than it has always been,

do you feel like negativity is following you, i can find out how/why or if it is even there, and help you fight against it, so that you can reach your full life’s potential,

did your life turn out to be totally of track from what you planned/expected? there may be something wrong, i can find out and help you,

are you struggling with depression? i can help you overcome it and find true happiness,

is your family causing you chaos, confusion, and issues? i can help you resolve these issues,

is there something wrong with you pet? i can help you find out.

there is nothing to big or small anything that is heavy on your heart is worth finding out, chat with me today for a better tomorrow. i am here to help no matter what.

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