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Akashic and Spiritual Guidance


I will not waste your time if I am what you need. I am a guide. Guides do not give "answers", exact dates or timelines. These do not exist in the Akashic records. We are spriritual guides and can remove blockages or find out if you are looking in the wrong direction. (DO NOT ASK FOR WHAT OTHERS ARE THINKING, WE ARE NOT MIND READERS. ANYONE WHO GIVES YOU WHAT OTHERS ARE THINKING ARE JUST GUESSING.)

Are you at a difficult fork in the road of life? Do you feel that someone is leeching your spiritual energy? Are you trying to find that special someone and are having difficulty? I can help you see clearly into your energies and help you find clarity and vision. Open your Spirit and universal records through my guidance and get the direction and clearness you have not been able to see by yourself. I will help you grow and find clarity while cleaning your energies and your pathway forward. Let my spirit cards speak about what you NEED to HEAR and not what you want to hear.

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CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I had been discovered as a natural born Akashic medium by World Renowned Celebrity Psychic, Rev. Ramona J. Garcia. (She said the proper term for me was a natural wizard). Her prediction for me was to expose my self to the energies and those who need me will find me.

And here we are, you found me.


Natural Born Akashic Medium Advice via Spirit Card Readings Rune Castings Upon Request The Descendant of Psychics on both sides of my family I have died once and was shoved back into my body…I have work to do here.

I do not give you answers so that you do not have to do the work. You are here to learn, experience and evolve. I am your guide if you get lost and are ready to get help.

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