Love psychic Ashley

Love psychic ashley


I provide honest answers to all areas of life I can tell past present and future I provide clarity in all areas if your wanting to know if he/she is the right one for you or maybe it is time to move on? If so I can guide and direct you on the right path give you direction and advice on how to get to the love that’s been awaiting you! But you may already be with the right one contact me find out what’s in store for you regarding your love of life career etc. if your not happy and uncertain with the way things are going for you losing sleep over questions burdens that are effecting your daily routine look no farther contact me! I will help you get on the right path get you to your destination you have been seeking or maybe your already on the right path to reaching your destination in order to find out contact me you won’t regret I’ll have you looking forward to a better tomorrow so don’t delay find out your true Destiny today


Hi and welcome I am 3rd generation gifted psychic and tarot card reader I have been helping thousands of people across the world I provide honest detailed answers I do not sugarcoat i tell it like I see it I tell past present and future can provide guidance and direction in all areas of your life I enjoy helping people with the gift that I have I won’t give you false hope I will let you be aware if it is time to move on from the love you been waiting to come back into your life or if they will be returning can let you know if the one you’re with is the right one for you if they’re not I will guide and direct you how to get on the right path to finding the love and happiness you have been seeking! I would love to help you I provide timelines and true predictions! In each area of your life if your being faced with obstacles I can let you know how to overcome them and get you to your destination you have been trying to get to in your life but you may already be on the right path to finding what you have been seeking contact me today find out what exactly is in store for you I am honest straightforward and very dedicated I always have returning clients because of the two dedicated service that I provide I am very caring and love to help others to be able to have a brighter outlook on thier future I tell all that I see even the bad but will guide you through it and prepare you for it whatever is ahead of you but let you know the good that you can expect I love helping others making them be able to feel better about there future give them understanding from thier past and present let them know what is ahead of them what to avoid what to pursue what to be able to look forward to I am happy to be a part of bitwines platform so that others can discover my abilities and help them throughout all life matters

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28 Nov 2018 excellent ranking T (unregistered)

She is greaaaaat. Thanks for being very relax and easy to talk to. February, March, May, August. I have no idea how these all possible but I will be back when any of them unfolded - T

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27 Nov 2018 excellent ranking te555

Thank you.. I really enjoyed the reading, picked up really well. I appreciate your time xxxx

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25 Nov 2018 excellent ranking thisismelissa

I am blessed to have Ashley in my presence. Not a single day does pass that I don't think of my gratitude for meeting her. I've learned so much about life and my true path with her guidance. I've said it before, but I like to remind everyone that life isn't measured by exact dates, and the exact forecast in life can be tricky. To anyone reading this, believe in what you're believing in, your fate is counting on your belief in it. Every time we speak it's like a refresher to my energy.

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13 Nov 2018 excellent ranking sweetdelly

Prediction happened just like she said ! Definitely one of the best on here !!

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07 Nov 2018 excellent ranking thisismelissa

Back in September she picked up contact from someone in my past and told me until it happens the door won't close to the past. It finally happened on Sunday, to a huge surprise. It also has shown me that with the timing that things are really going to pick up now for my future. I came to speak to her for an update this past weekend on my POI communicating with me, she started off by picking up about how he had really wanted to on Oct 29, but couldnt quite get there. Before I could even comment to her on whats been going on, that was the EXACT date I got a major sign from him trying to reach out after absolutely no contact for over a month and a half. Something happened that made me think its happening. Im feeling serious energy about a reconcillation soon and she confirmed that it would happen shortly. It feels good to FINALLY be in a place in my life where I believe in what Im believing in. If that makes sense? Love you Ash

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