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I am a Clairvoyant gifted psychic ad visor, I have consulted many through heartache, sadness, divorces, mental and physical abuse, marital problems and confusion, my spirit guides will help you to guide in the right direction, to a path were you can live your best life, with my psychic abilities i will assist you to understand your choices in life and will give insight into your situations, my readings are in depth, I get straight to the point, I will help you restore love and passion in your life with many years of experience as a psychic ad visor, I will give you accurate answers details and solutions, I specialized in matters of love and heart and everyday problems that we face in life, I have mend many broken relationships and turns best friends to lovers, here are some listed -Are you feeling Lost or confused? -Do you want to know what your partner is feeling or thinking about the relationship? -Do you want to know if he/she will commits? -Do you have a second chance? -Feel Free TO CONTACT ME.

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A Born Psychic, I am an intuitive psychic reader with years of experience as a live coach assisting peoples in working through relationship, life path, career problems with my God Gift psychic abilities, Many satisfying clients here to help you call me now for a professional reading…..


An experienced Angel Reader, I am a life long natural psychic, Full time professional, specializing in direct answers to different personal problems such as love, romance, visions and voices concerning business and finances matters, I do my readings with the help of my spirit guide, I do not use any tools during sessions, I need very basic data like names and date of birth i read your energies and the ones around you that will help me to show you the way you need to go on, I am able to do a general readings, covering love life, career, finances,family etc also if you have any specific questions i can answer..

Accurate, Honest, Expedient, Empathy and Intuitive, Positive and Powerful answers to all of your life questions, In depth heart felt solutions that works to create the Future that you deserve to Live…..

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12 Mar 2017 excellent ranking pink33 (unregistered)

she is soo good worthy trying

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11 Mar 2017 excellent ranking Kurt Hoffmann (unregistered)

True Light is a good reader full of genuine feelings for her clients and helped me with true light as true to her name she is open and soothing and honest about the future and I am truly grateful for her reading that helped me with my relationship goals and future guidance in see things through. Thank You very much again and I think you deserve more recognition for keeping me in your prayers.

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10 Mar 2017 excellent ranking charlaoceangirl

Thank you so much again xo

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09 Mar 2017 excellent ranking First (unregistered)

Thank you

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08 Mar 2017 unsatisfactory ranking sondra1986

Horrible reader...none of her responses pertained to the questions i asked...she said he was a general read about the person in it wasn't...i had specific questions and the reading didnt make sense at top of that she won't give me a refund...FAKE!!!!

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