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I’m⭐️Lucida⭐️. Using my God-given empathic, intuitive, psychic gifts as well as reading energies w/divination tools(tarot/pendulum), I deliver answers & guidance for your highest good. I can guide you in removing negative energies during a session, or call in the Angelic Realm to heal you with both Reiki & Infinity Energy Healing while in chat (20min/$75).

I don’t do free readings, but I also don’t waste the first 3 min during a session. Those min are for us to use to get connected. NO REFUNDS OR CHARGEBACKS-Your entire chat transcript is evidence of paying for my TIME, energy, & our chat, regardless of if you ‘liked’ hearing it or not. The hardest things to hear usually become the key to your growth and transformation.

Please come with an open mind to hear what what God’s Spirit prompts me to tell you; we don’t sugarcoat.⭐️Time frames & healing depend on YOU following guidance given.⭐️

I look forward to helping you along your path to love, health, peace, happiness & prosperity!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

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❤Certified Reiki Master & Instructor ❤Certified Infinity Healing Facilitator ❤Archangel-assisted Healer ❤Starseed Stargate Healing ❤Certified in Tarot Reading, Palm Reading & Dream Analysis ❤Working toward Astrology certification❤

Here to help Twin Flames because I’m a twin who has experienced recognition, union, separation, running/chasing, & reunion. Since, there are VERY FEW advisers who TRULY understand the Twin Flame dynamic (since they have not experienced it), I was called by Spirit to be here for you at this time. I am able to channel the Higher Self/soul of your Twin flame, Soul mate, or Beloved & allow you to have a heart-to-heart chat with them! I can also help enhance your connection with via a healing session for you alone, or for the both of you (see rates).


30 years experience reading tarot for clients, in person & online. I continuously develop & expand my psychic and energy healing abilities. Worked on other psychic networks since the 1990s full and part-time.

Disclaimer: My services do not replace those of a licensed medical/health or legal professional, psychiatrist, etc. For legal purposes, readings are for entertainment purposes only. I reserve the right to refuse service or block ANYONE for ANY reason. I do not comment on other readers’ predictions. I do not believe in curses, so don’t ask for those types of services. Consistent with the Terms of Service (TOS) of this site, I do not share your personal information with anyone else, except bitwine or Paypal, if it is requested. I am not responsible for your actions or choices after our session.

Clients whose ratings are marked #### or @@ were unable to take responsibility for predictions not coming to pass due to their own actions after the readings & for not following guidance given in session.

If you are able to take responsibility for your own actions based on my insight & guidance, don’t hesitate to contact me! I have helped thousands of clients so far over the last 30 years.


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13 Mar 2019 satisfactory ranking timkia

Pretty good we shall see the outcome

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11 Mar 2019 satisfactory ranking blackwidow_81

Not what i wanted to hear but she kept it 100 with me, so i fully respect that. Ty

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10 Feb 2019 satisfactory ranking sunshine929

It was good.. will be back to update on predictions :)

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29 Oct 2018 satisfactory ranking Rony (unregistered)

We will see

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03 Oct 2018 satisfactory ranking kittylover

Lucida has been patiently reading for me for a year and offering me great guidance into the twin flame journey. She has been a great support. For a year she has felt that my ex is not dating this other woman that it is in his life, and I wanted so desperately to trust her. But unfortunately all the evidence I received this week points to him having been in a relationship with her all this time. I am completely gutted by this news. Lucida still feels they are not in a relationship and her note below says they are just friends in a karmic situation. I believe Lucida is sincere, and I don't believe she would ever knowingly give false hope, but I just do not know if she is accurate on this one. I will pray that she is still correct!

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