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I’m the ONLY ⭐️Lucida⭐️. Advisors copying my profile are NOT ME & are NOT associated with my official business, TWIN FLAME RX, LTD. They’ve been reported to bitwine.

I use my God-given empathic, intuitive, psychic gifts as well as reading energies w/divination tools(tarot/pendulum) to deliver answers & guidance for your highest good. I can guide you in removing negative energies, or call in the Angelic Realm to clear & heal you with both Reiki & Infinity Energy Healing.

No free readings, The first 3 min is for you to give first names, dobs, questions, & deal type or per min rate. NO REFUNDS Your entire chat transcript is evidence of agreement to pay for my TIME, energy, & our chat; whether or not you ‘liked’ my insight & guidance. The hardest things to hear usually become the key to life-changing growth & transformation.

Please open your mind to what what God’s Spirit prompts me to tell you; no sugarcoating.⭐️Time frames & healing depend on YOU following guidance given.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

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❤Certified Reiki Master & Instructor ❤Certified Infinity Healing Facilitator ❤Archangel-assisted Healer ❤Starseed Stargate Healing ❤Certified in Tarot Reading, Palm Reading & Dream Analysis ❤Working toward Astrology certification❤

Here to help Twin Flames because I’m a twin who has experienced recognition, union, separation, running/chasing, & reunion. Since, there are VERY FEW advisers who TRULY understand the Twin Flame dynamic (since they have not experienced it), I was called by Spirit to be here for you at this time. I am able to channel the Higher Self/soul of your Twin flame, Soul mate, or Beloved & allow you to have a heart-to-heart chat with them! I can also help enhance your connection with via a healing session for you alone, or for the both of you (see rates).


30 years experience reading tarot for clients, in person & online. I continuously develop & expand my psychic and energy healing abilities. Worked on other psychic networks since the 1990s full and part-time.

Disclaimer: My services do not replace those of a licensed medical/health or legal professional, psychiatrist, etc. For legal purposes, readings are for entertainment only. I reserve the right to refuse service or block ANYONE for ANY reason. I do not comment on other readers’ predictions, so it’s best to not bring them up. I do not believe in using curses, so don’t ask me to provide those services. Consistent with the Terms of Service (TOS) of this site, I do not share your personal information with anyone else, except bitwine or Paypal, if it is requested. I am not responsible for your actions or choices after our session.

Clients whose ratings are marked #### or @@ were unable to take responsibility for their own actions & for not following guidance given in session. If you are able to take responsibility for your own actions based on my insight & guidance, don’t hesitate to contact me! I have helped thousands of clients over the last 30 years.

I look forward to chatting with you and getting you back on the road to love, happiness, fulfillment, peace and prosperity. Namaste.


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19 Apr 2019 unsatisfactory ranking hca5

Don't think it was a real connection

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26 Aug 2018 unsatisfactory ranking frankiekr

lucida mentioned that the guy is not seeing others. the guy did for months, the girl just texted me this morning to say that they have been seeing each other for months, the same time that the guy is seeing me.

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12 Jun 2018 unsatisfactory ranking teddy41

Prediction of contact within 2 weeks did not pass. Had a 2nd reading and was told we'd be back TOGETHER in 2 more weeks! exactly? In the 2nd reading I calmly suggested Lucida was off track, she instantly snapped and told me never to go back, and refunded one CENT of the reading so i could not review it. I will admit Bitwine stepped in and refunded that one, but I just wanted to pay the one cent back to be able to review it! In any case, if either reading comes to pass down the track, I will find a way to make sure the world knows she is a great psychic, despite her horrible rude attitude. Update, sigh, she is lying again, bitwine refunded 2nd $10 reading, but 1st reading being reviewed here, where predictions did NOT happen, I am out $25 for. I have NEVER harrassed her, ever.

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07 May 2018 unsatisfactory ranking erikakc

so connected with this reader today after many readings, suddenly there's a third party and she blocked me afterwards. charged me $10 for the last chat and left after 4 minutes. I think a good psychic between one day and the next can tell if there's someone else he's been seeing. Maybe over expectations on my behalf.

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29 Mar 2018 unsatisfactory ranking robm2318

none of what she said truly transpired. I feel a lot of it was false hope concerning the other person's feelings. I received three different timelines in a month timeframe and none of them came true so all in all just disappointment. The other person's inaction will always be more telling then any prediction. Should've looked at what was in front of me not what someone was telling me. Thanks anyway.

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