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NO Free Reading! You have decided to schedule a paid reading with me. When is a good time for you. Please let me know. My name is Delia. 1. For reading I preferably to get to your photo (with a partner). Write me your full real names and age. Ask any ques s.I look at photos of the people and animals. I see a lot (the future/past, mood, strength of spirit and the power of angels, desires, mind, will, plans, attitude to you person). In addition, I can close my eyes and take pictures of people in my head, using their voice, text, photos. I just need to man asked a question. Then I’ll know what to look for in an information channel. 2. I’m doing cleaning work of the spirit and body, use wax candles, egg, prayers, my consciousness the energy of hands and heart 3. I can put the protection (absolute protection and shield). 4. I also harmonization of relations between ppl. knit chakras and channels between ppl, doing work with love and care

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Successfully completed a course

"Parapsychology: Theory and practice" (2012).

I have the status of •psychic consultant•

education: graduated from Institute for the psychological counseling psychology (the official representative of the Academy, Wiesbaden, Germany). Status psychologist consultant

Training: "Family psychology. The Institute for family counseling" psychology (from. a representative of the Academy Wiesbaden, Germany). Status family psychologist consultant

Write me! I’m doing a cleansing of your body mind, thoughts! to supply absolute protection and shield! make the harmonization of relations, connect your chakras and the channels with your partner. I read present and future! Ask me a direct question! <hr /> I am 45 years old, more than 20 years working with people as energy healer. Worked in two centres to help people. Worked as a freelancer and volunteer. I continue work in the center of magic and psychology. I lead a healthy lifestyle, I have rules of honor and spiritual purity! And I can understand the mistakes of other people because it’s some experience. I love people, understand them, sympathize … about 10 years ago, I began to understand wildlife, plants… it’s beautiful!
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