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Hello I’m Mia I was born with rare psychic gift I use my powers to give spiritual insight I specialize in twin flames an in all aspects of life including love & relationships career and finances 12 years of experience answer all the questions you been looking for problems with your current relationship? Missing a ex? Unhappy in your career? Aren’t sure if you met your soulmate yet? It is my goal to help you access information about your life we work together to guide you on a positive path and help harmonize your life my accuracy is 99.9% which is high percentage to answer any questions of your past present and future

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I offer spiritual insight an complete honestly I do not sugercoat any reading also I’m nonjudgmental psychic I make all of my clients feel comfortable an satisfied with my psychic abilities


I have over 12 years of experience I inherited my talent from my great grandmother my psychic abilities grew stronger throughout the years I helped many people all over the world find there soulmates mended broken Relationships/marriages dating/love advice help with finances an also spiritual advice

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04 Dec 2018 unsatisfactory ranking utickaaa


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11 Oct 2018 unsatisfactory ranking g (unregistered)

The worst person and worst "PSYCHIC" here cause she isn't even one. She literally made things up and she defended herself. She said things that are totally irrelevant and refused to refund when I pointed that out to her. She is stingy, not generous with time, very selfish, rude, condescending and very very insecure about her reading that she hung up on me. Do yourself a favor and not get a reading from her cause you will be wasting your time and money and your energy on a absolutely useless advisor.

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03 Sep 2018 unsatisfactory ranking mimi711

How do you sugarcoat a man's very bad behavior towards the woman he supposably loves? Cause of negativity around? That's dumb it's like killing someone and telling the judge oh I had negativity around me at the time take it away no I'm sorry I'm stupid too for paying for command sense thinking

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26 Jun 2018 unsatisfactory ranking thegreatest233

Tried selling me her services took really long st the start to respond

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01 Sep 2017 unsatisfactory ranking pookie4o8

everything you told me is inaccurate 10:41PM Spitural marissa:im not sure why 10:41PM Spitural marissa:you did not enjoy yur reading its not my fault i wish you the best of luck Seriously? I paid you ten dollar and all you gave me was a false reading. In the beginning, you didn't even greet but asked, "how can I help you?" The reading was vague and then said I will not be happy with love and said I need a spell to fix for love. Plus told me that I will get with my twin flame which she was wrong on which man was my tf. I asked if he was tall or short and she said tall which was wrong. I told her readings wasn't detail and everything she said was inaccurate and I didn't want to leave her a negative review and she just it's not her fault that I didn't enjoy the reading. I contact to get a honest reading not to enjoy false reading. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS FAKE PSYCHIC! She was slow, not detail, tried to scam with spells, and isn't accurate at all!

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