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natural born psychic and spiritual healer sees all tells all helps all do not hesitate to allow me to help you today for a better tomorrow specializes in love, finances, career, family, luck, removal of bad energy and much more contact me today


I will tell you past, present, future, business, health, love, success, financial problems, marriage. I can also reunite loved ones, help with anxiety or depression issues, chakra balancing, crystal energy healing, remove bad energy, any issue you are dealing with allow me to give you peace of mind. full tarot reading $100 covers all areas of life, no time limit


I am a natural born psychic and spiritual healer, I have helped thousands of people all over the world since over 20 years. This is a gift its not something I was taught, each woman in my family since the past 10 generations has been born with this gift. The healing I do is all natural using candles, crystals, prayers, and meditations. I can see and fix all problems.

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02 Jul 2016 unsatisfactory ranking ninariv1

sorry the second time she was lying too, 2 relationshps then says there is 1 who she desrbes at two. with looking the same not clear to me .. sorry its BS

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02 Jul 2016 unsatisfactory ranking ninariv1

For the small amount of time she told me i was meant to marry at 27 and had four breakups how many seirous relationships have i had , she said thats why you didnt marry what? i want my money back pls What nonsense!

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28 Jun 2016 unsatisfactory ranking bcuzimagurl

Did not connect. Asked a whole bunch of questions before started reading...then tells me that I have to go thru a whole bunch of men..5 major breakups..before supposdly meeting the one. NEVER DID GIVE ANY DETAIL ABOUT WHERE OR WHEN I WILL MEET THIS MAN, NO DESCRIPTION GIVEN PR TIMEFRAME. basically says i will be screwing around with passing men before him..SOOO UHHH YEAH I WILL BE 60 BY THE TIME he rolls around. DID not pick up on the 2 men whom I connect to now..nor did pick up my marriage..tells me now I know the outcome i should not get attached!!! LOL..SO FOR EXAMPLE IF HE DOESNT COME BY THE TIME I AM 60..DON'T GET ATTACHED TILL 60! I felt dissapointed that she did not pick or connect at all...I felt like i got fed of bunch of baloney. Look and now she is gonna say i gave her a bad review bcuz she didnt tell me what i wanted to hear...nope..she just didn't connect..asked way too many questions and then encourages me to keep screwing around till supposdly he comes...lord oh lord

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