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~ Are you confused? ~ Lost in clouds of despair? ~ Need help now? ~ Clear that fog of confusion by discovering the answers to your relationship, love, career and other life questions. Allow my Spiritual Giftings to unfold the arriving events about your future through an amazing flow of second sight visions!

Our reads will be very deep and in-depth. If you are looking for a quick-fire short answer I am not the one for you. These Visions take time to form and conclude. This cannot be done at the drop of a hat. If you are new to me, please have at least 8-10 minutes of paid time in your account; prior clients should have a minimum of 5 for the updating.

The Last Words – Should you feel comfortable and connected, then lets do this. If you do not, please seek another advisor to whom you are. Regardless of where your life is now, I have 100% belief in my ability to help you find your way. Do not delay the knowing of what is to become. I invite you to chat with me now :)

Devotedly, Michael DuVal

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am here for you 24/7 and allow free email follow-up/support without charge on Paid Sessions. However, this gratuity is not to be abused. Both of our time is very valuable. All I ask is that you respect my time as I do of yours.

Not everything can or should be seen. Spirit directs and dictates the visions before my eyes for you and your future outcomes. You need to explain your situation clearly to me before we proceed, so I may then know how to interpret these visions.

Should you be interested in my Higher-Educational Degrees they are as follows:

AS (Associate in the Sciences) Biology/Chemistry Major. Ancilla College, Donaldson, IN

CT (Cytopathology) Cellular diagnosis of pathological disease processes. Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Bethesda, MD

BS (Bachelor of Science) Business Marketing/Admin Major. National University, San Diego, CA

HT (Histopathology) Tissue diagnosis of pathological disease processes. Indiana University – School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN


I was born and raised in a small rural town of Northern Indiana. At the young age of 11, I became severely ill having to stay home from school for an extended period of time. Sick with high fever, an array of mystical visions began forming before my eyes and a whispering of spirits heard unto my ears. This supernatural experience forever changed me and my life.

Not really knowing what to do, I began providing readings for small private groups of people during my teen years and early twenties. This then expanded to some celebrity status, you might say, by attaining a bit of national exposure through three journalists I had the pleasure to meet. It was thrilling to see myself in printed text; photos and all! However, I discovered quickly this was not the way of my talents.

I am very private in personality and learned that my gift of vision was to be also. So here I am, thirty years later, still reading for small private groups and persons just like you. This is who I am and what I love most in the sharing of my abilities to those who seek help on this journey of life. I most welcome a session with you should our spirits connect.

Peace be with you forever and always! – Michael DuVal

Note: The Chat Window is for Paid Reading Sessionals only. It is not to be used for gathering free insightings or for updating unless you are willing to pay for such items. If you Cancel the Charge Request I will end the chat and block.

Clarifications for our Paid Sessional Reads are to be communicated through BitWine eMail Messaging. Never a charge in these writings. However, my generosity with this is not to be abused.

Paid readings are Final. No Refunds under any circumstance. Payment is for my time and does not represent a guarantee for any future outcome foreseen or spoken on.

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11 Apr 2019 excellent ranking seal

Simply the best ! thank you ...always there when i need you .

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31 Mar 2019 excellent ranking seal

5 million starts ! the best!

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30 Mar 2019 excellent ranking dawns

Thank you again!!! Looking forward to tuesday! You help me tune into what I already know in my heart......

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29 Mar 2019 excellent ranking seyane

Yes.. he really took his time and explained everything and thoroughly!! this was the most special and heartfelt reading I ever experienced. He is so kind and caring and non judgemental. I don’t have the words to explain. Very honest. It almost brought tears to my eyes actually and I felt so secure because everything resonated so extremely well. So much good coming :) amazed

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29 Mar 2019 excellent ranking love_stormy_skies

I so love this earth angel. His reading with you is the ultimate experience. You'll giggle and be awed. No matter what he says, you're sure to know it's what you needed to hear. Thank you dear one -xoxo

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