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Obstacles occur on many occasions through out the day and tend to frustrate, confuse, manipulate, and misguide our energies which leave us with questions we are unable to retrieve answers to on our own. Although there are times we do not want to admit it, we can only go through so much without needing any assistance. Welcome to New Age Healing a virtual space where you can feel comfortable and at ease. In our private sessions you will be receiving knowledge, understanding, honesty, and most importantly compassion. My promise to you is that within our sessions your questions will be answered without having to ask and you will be able to understand your past, relate with your present, and knowing your future bringing our sessions to another level where you have reassurance of doubts, hesitations, and insecurities no matter what the aspect or situation may be.

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☪️Master tarot reader and soulmate reuniting. I have worked through out the U.S/Egypt guiding, reuniting, healing, balancing, etc. I have changed many lives with my powerful blessing that has been given to me at birth. Master Reiki healer, Palmist, Chakra Balancer, Tea Life Reader, Astrology, and so on for you to get SATISFACTION GUARANTEED as you deserve. Xoxo ☪️


I have been in my profession for over 10 years, my experience in this field is giving me the power to manifest trust, comfort, and guidance that my clients need into they’re lives because it is something they deserve. If you find yourself questioning yourself in the same aspects, blaming yourself for things that you have no control over, feel as if you have the right mindset but aren’t moving forward then guidance is needed and I’m here to guide you by answering you’re questions within 1 session. Our sessions will always be in-depth, personal, thorough, and detailed so you can experience one of the best readings you have received in the least amount of time, and once our session is over there is no doubt or confusion I have that you will ever be left feeling confused, or alone. Calling me is something you won’t ever regret, however you will always gain. I look forward to speaking with you.

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12 Apr 2018 satisfactory ranking selen

I didn't like that you weren't straight to the point trying to sell me fairytale stories in order to do cleansing. I really don't know if we were truly connected based off the fact that you were trying to make it seem like it's negative energy on me, that I need to cleanse which is not true. Until I told u I wasn't interested in cleansing did u go straight to the point. I don't feel really connected. Thanks for trying.

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16 May 2017 satisfactory ranking teebee842

Good reading. We will see how things turn out. Advisor recommended

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11 Apr 2017 satisfactory ranking ara86

connected well. I just dont like the idea of selling me things to remove barriers. And Reader saying if I dont remove barriers its best to move on. Thanks anyway.

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19 Mar 2017 satisfactory ranking oneofakind22

Thank you

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04 Mar 2017 satisfactory ranking renee90

Hope to talk with you soon

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