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**Divine Guidance*** Spirit Readings**Helping you on your path Ahead**


Clarity. Peace. Insight. That is what I will give you. My sessions offer a unique perspective which can make your situation a little easier to manage as you start to stand in your power.

I have been doing this work for a number of years through various outlets online. My approach is simple. I take some time to connect and allow whatever messages to come through while being honest and gentle about it. Whatever situation you are going through.

Spirit only shows me things that have to do with you’re the highest good I do not choose what may come through

If your in need of positive energy just let me know after our session and I will send some your way.

I do offer reiki and sessions to help along your journey. Just ask me. I do not do any spells or do anything to influence another’s free will.*

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

My spiritual journey started in the Church where I realized a few of my gifts one of them being a healer. This led to years of deep spiritual study, training, and faced many hard lessons that took me into my divine mission of helping others and leading them back into the light of the divine. I truly want the best for my clients and it is my pleasure to help you.

My readings are empowering and will give you tools on how to better you’re current situation

The divine often delivers alot all at once so it is best to let the messages flow *


*My readings are multi dimensional meaning I will share the pure message which comes through from spirit and also answer the questions you may have at the time of the reading. Understand we are all human and in this realm sometimes there are certain challenges we face in order to cause us growth. As a seer, energy reader, and healer you can be confident my readings come from a pure place without ego getting in the way. *

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Readings/sessions are not a substitute for any medical, legal, or psychological services by ordering a reading you agree to these terms on your own judgment *

No refunds, or charge-backs, payment is for my time and energy involved in the service.

for guidance purposes only, outcomes are not a guarantee, use you’re best judgment in each situation *

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