I work in all degrees of psychic abilities as in, being a natural born psychic, I’m a professional metaphysical therapist, giving advice in, tarot readings, rune stone readings, sand readings, palm readings, energy healing, aura and chakra balancing, love and relationship readings. and being a love and relationship counselor. working with the highest degree of accuracy, let me help guide you to what you need to know don’t be stuck in time, i will help you with the truth, if your’re looking for peace and understating i will be that reader, let me take you from darkness and bring you into light, i will help you in any situation you have been put in, I’m here to help my clients see the truth in what they need to be told, I only tell the truth, I will say what I see and feel, the client well come to me with a heavy hart but leave my reading with nothing but positive energy and understating as of what to do next,

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Working with many years of experience, as a young child growing up I knew I had it in me to help people with my psychic ability, I’m so grateful for this gift I have in my life, I strongly believe that helping others in their life is what I’m meant to do, and I will use my gift to do just that. Are you having problems in your love life? Do you find yourself asking the same questions over and over again but still no solution on how to make things better, as in is he/she the one for me? Is he/she cheating on me? Does he/she want to be with me? Does he/she love me the way that I love them? Having problems in everyday life, as in with work? Career? Finance? Family? Are you feeling confused? Sick? Sad? Depressed? Do you feel lost that you don’t know what to do about your life situation? Don’t you give up, don’t let time pass you by without knowing the truth, take control of your life Its your time to shine, let me help you with the truth I will be more than happy to do so,


I’ve always had some type of psychic ability growing up, it all stared when I was a around 8 our 9 years old, as a young girl I would pick up on peoples energy, I would have visions dreams and feelings of things I had no clue about our didn’t understand at that time, up until I was sixteen, that’s when I was fully aware of my psychic power, and its been growing stronger ever since.

there is this one memory I have that will stay with me as long as I live, I was giving a simple palm reading in my office to a woman I have never met before, and as I was giving the reading all of these energy’s and visions was coming to me, I told her about her lover that had recently passed away at that time, mind you she told me nothing about him our there relationship, I felt this heavy energy come to me something that never happened before in my life, I was hearing him speak to me and giving her massages, only things that he and her new about, I will forever be grateful of that experience because it gave her closure and helped her to move forward in her life, I never experienced that before, but a psychic door opened for me that day, because the love he and her shared was so strong that it over powered the reading and had to be shared, that was the 1st time I have ever experienced our done that, and that’s why it will stay with me because it was the strongest reading I have ever gave, he was over seas, she never got to say goodbye, so when I seen the wait left off from her by hearing what he wanted to say, it made me feel like nothing I have ever felt before, I will always be thankful for that day and meeting her.

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24 Feb 2016 excellent ranking wookie10

She was very detailed give a good reading

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24 Feb 2016 excellent ranking jchao617

thank you so much enjoyed the reading :)

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17 Feb 2016 satisfactory ranking melonmash


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16 Feb 2016 excellent ranking gina585

I appreciate her in depth honesty.

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24 Dec 2015 excellent ranking javi1985

Thank you.

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