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I am a Professional Psychic I have been doing readings in person for 26 years both in my NYC office and my Cleveland Ohio office. I am a real psychic that has been doing this exclusively for 26 years under my real name DJ Ownbey.

I have become known all over the world for my abilities as a love psychic. I started getting the reputation for being good at helping people resolve their love problems. I help people both who are in a strained relationship and those who are seeking to find a new partner.

I am brutally honest with what I see as I do not believe there is any bad news one can get in the present about the future. If you know that a business is going to fail you simply change they type of business you are starting and thereby avert the bad event.

I am very good with telling people whether they are with the right person for them. You would only want to be with the person that you are meant to be with by Divine Will.


In a world filled with psychic fairs and spiritual counselors, D.J. knows what he is talking about.

The psychic from Old Brooklyn has made bold predictions about events that several months later, made even bolder headlines. He foretold the Browns move. When Clevelanders still thought of Baltimore, as Just city in Maryland. DeFranco also predicted the acquittal of O.J. Simpson, and more chillingly that a major air disaster would be caused by a problem with an engine under a left wing.

Such accurate premonitions have prompted socialites, stockbrokers, and celebrities from Old Brooklyn to Beverly Hills to consult him for advice about the yet to come.

A love for his hometown – and a desire to enlighten it – brought him back to Cleveland six years ago. “Cleveland is a Capricorn town. Were a little conservative here..” Ownbey says. “We need a little more of the psychic communities influence.”

DeFranco makes his living, reading his client’s futures in health money and love. But it’s the work he’s done for free that has made the most impact. Fifty-three murder cases have been solved with Ownbey’s ability to tap into his “superconsious” and witness events even after they’ve happened.

DeFranco doesn’t just “get a feeling.” He says, he experiences via all five senses another place and time. When Ownbey tells you that a new home is in your future. It’s because he smells fresh paint and newly laid carpeting. Defranco a fourth-generation psychic says he inherited his gifts from his great-grandmother, Roman Psychic, Lucia Frabotta.

“Unfortunately (she) never lived to see the day when psychic abilities are very popular.” Ownbey says, “when people realize we don’t wear babushkas and earings.”

By Candace Goforth Cleveland Magazine’s Best of 1996 DEC 96; page 16

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17 Jun 2018 unsatisfactory ranking jennyliang

OMG he just went on & on and got abusive saying if I would let him read but I told him I didn't understand him. Please stay away!! He told me I was "self sabotaging" when I asked questions. PLEASE stay away !! Hes the worst reading on here & very abusive!!!!

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14 Jun 2018 excellent ranking curious123456

Was such a pleasure speaking with DJ! Very easy going, quick to connect, ACCURATE, And is generous with time when it comes to clarifying and getting to know his clients. I thoroughly enjoyed our chat, and I hope to reconnect with you in the future :)

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14 Jun 2018 excellent ranking lbarry89

Thank you, DJ. You were really clear, caring and helpful. Thanks for guiding me to seek answers from my higher self :)

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04 Jun 2018 excellent ranking joelle

Thank you for another excellent reading. he really does take the time to clarify things when needed and the reading makes sense. Even if things don't make sense at the time of reading doesn't mean he is wrong or not connected. I have things unfold the way he says they will and when I get an updated reading, he really fills in the gaps. Thank you so much for your help!I'll be back once the next set of predictions happen and I know they will!

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03 Jun 2018 unsatisfactory ranking kb9211

rip off. just cares about ur money and misleads u completely. stay away from him!!

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