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Clairvoyant, Medium, psychic and tarot reader


Welcome! I RECOMMEND 20 MINUTES SPECIAL READING WITH REMOTE VIEWING on your person Let me introduce myself, I am a medium, psychic and spiritual Guru. I have been living my life as a guide for more than 15 years.PLEASE DO NOT GET A READING FROM ME HOPING ME TO FEED INTO ILLUSIONS AND CASTLES IN THE AIR. I am honest and straightforward, I do not sugarcoat. There is no soul on this planet that will make me say THINGS I DO NOT SEE or THINGS THAT ARE NOT THERE..One have to be honest with themselves 1st before getting a reading. If you are not scared of knowing the truth and if you are ready to hear the truth concerning a life matter, I am here for you. I am Truelight and I have been guiding people creating and manifesting their wants and needs in this incarnation. No standing Still, Only forward Motion..Blessings

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Natural Born Clairvoyant And Medium.I specialize in all area. LOVE – RELATIONSHIP – MARRIAGE – JOB – CAREER – MONEY -... whether you want to use my service to know about your Past -Present – Future, I see all clearly. I am here to guide you to your path and sent your spirit FREE.


Over 50 000 Readings Over Almost 2 Decades Of Accurate Readings – Honest no Sugar Coating – Mystic By Blood

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Languages: english and french

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

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