I am a fourth generation psychic helping many in search of the truth through my readings I will be able to help you see the right path to avoid stumbling blocks and things you should be cautious of I specialize in love and relationships and my tarot card readings are very in depth I have over 25 years experience tapping in to vibrations and tuning into energies give me a call let’s chat


I have been giving psychic readings all my life I first realized I was psychic when I was a young child being brought up by a family of psychics I was taught how to use my energies to help those in need of the truth I can help you see what you cannot I can answer your questions and help you gain a sense of clarity

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22 Apr 2016 unsatisfactory ranking isabel (unregistered)

it is quite generic...he got hurt from his past...what exactly about his past? also it was like pulling teeth to get information from her

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09 Mar 2016 unsatisfactory ranking shuurei

Disappointed. Really Disappointed. I paid and got nothing.. no questions answered at all. I've always been coming to Paris for updates but I am really disappointed and frustrated that she keeps leaving the chat and didn't answer any of my questions. Can I get my money back? Please refund my money. Thanks I am starting to think that she's really in it just for the money because she doesn't even know how to reach out when she knows I paid but got no reading at all. It's sad because I've been a regular customer for months. Not coming back to get a reading from her anymore. and No, you did not answer my questions

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11 Feb 2016 unsatisfactory ranking lillyfaith

Love. Her

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07 Feb 2016 unsatisfactory ranking andreabrown29

i have to change this rating to unsatisfactory because as i looked over this reading as well as the previous ones there were some things that were disconcerting for me as well as false. For one i didny like her offering to do candle/incense work especially when i had let her know that i am a spiritual person and i do that anyone. This makes me feel like she is in this only for the money. Another thing that is absolutely false is that in a previous reading she mentioned that a guy who i like very much has been scrolling at my pictures pn Facebook. Now... That is impossible because my page is private where ONLY people on my friends list and their friends can see my page(such as my pictures and etc) I HIGLY doubt that this man is friends with any of my friends on facebook. So at the this point im starting to wonder if she is just feeding me lies.

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03 Feb 2016 unsatisfactory ranking andreabrown29

update on 2/14/16 Paris had told me that the man in question would contact me and give me a goft. It turns out that i did not get any contacf of any sort. Better yet none of her predictions for me EVER came to pass. When psychics or advisers make predictions they should know that their clients hold them dear to what they say, especially if it concerns aomething that is serious to them. When the prediction doesnt come tp pass of course we will be disappointed. I believe that psychics whose predictions did not come to pass SHOULD offer FREE clairfication readings as to why it did not come to pass. We as clients free of charge should be explained as to what happened. Yes, we are aware that people have free will and that people behavior and attitudes change, however we SHOULD be explained as to what interfared or what happened specifically that caused the prediction to not come to pass...and if we were to receive an explanation hopefully it wont be b.s.

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