++ Some people heal on their own, although is this rather rare. Healing of the soul requires that we ask for help. For so many of us, asking for help is the hardest thing to do, especially when the wound runs deep. We want to protect the wound. Like an injured animal, we may snap at anyone who dares try to help us. Sometimes we might even punish those who love us enough to care. And yet, paradoxically, one wishes so badly for the wound to simply go away. In all of my years of doing what I do, I have noticed that when a person is ready, and I mean really ready, the healing can begin. And I have other good news for you. It’s never as hard as you thought it was going to be. I have had so many clients, over the years, tell me that they wished they hadn’t put off this process for so long. If you are reading these words right now, and this message speaks to you, please call NOW! The call does not mean you have to commit to anything. It means we are going to have an honest discussion. If I can help you I will

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My name is Sophia. I am a POWERFUL, NATURAL-BORN CLAIRVOYANT, I give extremely accurate and TRUTHFUL readings. I specialize in: LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS, CAREER/MONEY, the gift to intuitively know a person�s true feelings. I specialize in past, present and future readings using clairsentience, Horoscope, and Tarot cards. I have spent my life helping people that are seeking urgent answers for solutions in Love, career and finances. Using my intuitive gifts I guide people to use their wisdom within to solve problems. I offer simple and clear answers to your most important questions with an honest discreet and time efficient reading. I am not only a psychic but also a spiritual advisor with many clients from all around the World.


Experienced for over 15 years helping people around the world. My specialties and Spiritual gifts can give clarity to answers within love relationships, reuniting and finding soulmates. I know sometimes life and love isn’t easy and you can’t help who you fall in love with or what life throws you; but I make it easy for you to talk to me about it. Just by reading your energy I could tune up on your past, present & future.

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