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Hello and Blessings.. When I was 4 years old my Grand Mother from Sicily arranged for a meeting with Padre Pio so I could understand why the Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary had come to life and Spoke with me. I was Blessed by Him. While I was growing up my Psychic Abilities were considered a handicap. I Always spoke with spirit and would tell anyone anything. I did not understand You need permission to read. In Los Angeles I read Professionally from the time I was 13, Going to Bancroft Jr High I was exposed to many in the Motion Picture Industry. word got around that I was Very Good. At 17 I was involved with teaching past life time regressions in an E.S.P. lab at a Parapsychology Institute involved with UCLA on Santa Monica Blvd. People could walk in and get a reading, tell us their life history, get help with those who have crossed, or get their homes cleared of anything still hanging around. Spirit is Important to me, Is there any way I can help any of yours? or do u need a good Psychic Reading?

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Honest Psychic, Spirit&Angel Contact Soul Mates found, over 55 years experience helping those who have crossed speak with the living. Tarot Reader, taught by my grandmother, From a long line of Sicilian Psychics. Born with a vale. Work with Law Enforcement. I have been pulled me into cases which were considered unsolvable, but not for Spirit. if i give information in a court of Law it is considered to be Fact. when I was in Hollywood famous people use to find me for readings, I was very well known for my predictions coming true. My mother was reading for the Jackson’s as was I. the list of Celebrities I have or do read for is long. If someone Had a House that needed to be cleared they came and got me. My Gift is a Blessing. I Really do enjoy hearing how much I have helped my Clients. Only Spirit knows how much has been done to help them. I do all that I can to help both the Living and those who have crossed over and have a five star ratting on 2 different sites where I have worked for years.


at 17 years of age I was running classes teaching people to do past life time regression In a School teaching ESP on Santa Monica blvd, I have worked with the public for over 40 years. Let me help you communicate with those who have crossed over. You Can Speak to Your Loved Ones. I can do Dream Interpretation. It is Easy to do Pet Communication, if they are Living or Have Crossed, Is your pet sitting on your bed after having crossed? I can show you your Soul Mate Connection thru your Dreams. The Guardian Angels around you will like me.

Are You Feeling Someone You Love Is With You?Do You Have Dreams Of Someone You Love that you can not explain or understand but its like they were sleeping with you? Are You feeling Your Loved one Who Passed trying to Speak with You? Sometimes we have those who we love, Living or Passed in our minds, connecting with us for a reason.Do You have a loved one who has passed trying to tell you something? I can see and hear them for you and help you learn to communicate with them as well. Feeling their Love helps us every Day. We know we are not alone, someone who loves us is Close by. I grew up with the Knowledge of Angels & Spirits around us, here to help those of us Still Struggling Through Life. It is not UnSeen Voices. They are Real People In Spirit Or Angels Who Have Something To Say. I was born knowing how to Communicate with Angels. I have been blessed with the Ability to see clearly beyond normal site, I can see Those Who Have Passed. I can See Angels as well as speak to them. If there are any around You with something to say, I will repeat every word.I am very clairvoyant having been born with a Veil over my face. I have been Speaking with Angels since I was 4 years old when my Grandmother took me to Church & an Angel asked me to give a message to someone who"s husband had just passed. it was so important for the wife to get that message.. she was going to take her own life. That was Really Sad for her family. they had gone thru so much.. My grandmother taught me to Listen inside, to hear what spirit was saying for each client, so I do. I am here to help You and your loved ones who have crossed.. I am here to help you find Your True Love. I am here to help you Find your True Happiness.. I am blessed by God to help others.. and that is a Gift that I do not hold or use Lightly .. Blessings to you and Yours.. Please remember you Are Loved..

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30 Dec 2013 excellent ranking justme88

She was very quick to pick up, surprise me a bit with what she pick up as well...she maybe right with what she saw the moment not sure what to think as I have either been lied to and she picked up that i was not told the now im confused and muddled. But I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER SHE IS DEF. GIFTED.

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26 Dec 2013 excellent ranking grace2

The reading was unbelievable! So many new information to be absorbed and it's incredible that she can pass the messages from the other world to me. I'll definitely be coming back for her. She's truly amazing! Love her :) xx

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23 Dec 2013 excellent ranking rosie

Very fast with answers.Connected right away.Didn't even ask for name or DOB.Detailed and honest.Highly recommended!

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22 Dec 2013 excellent ranking iloveshoes

Detailed, awesome, amazing

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20 Dec 2013 excellent ranking iprefermimi

She was incredible and spot on! Picked up on a lot I had no clue about.. but it was worth knowing. I guess I feel a little bit better now but hopefully things will work out to my favour ultimately.

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