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angelina specializes in communicating with your specific spirit guides and angels and bringing there answers and guidance to you as such it is best to approach each reading with angelina with a few questions in mind. psychic since birth angelina has refined her gift through years of studying with candles, crystals, books, and classes she has molded her spiritual self to be the vessel of light to deliever only the clearest and deepest meaning of each message being told to her to give you only what you need to know to shape your path and your destiny to take away the darkness you feel in your life and replace it with the warm glowing embrace and comfort of knowing what it is you need to know to make change happen to know you are not alone and any negative situation can be changed into a posative growing experience be it through manifestation or ritual cleansings her focus angelinas goal in each reading is to leave you with the honest clear truth and the information you need to hear

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I come from a family of whom were all wiccans, My ancestry traces back to Salem. So this isn’t something that I have learned. It’s been passed down to me as a gift from the belated spirits before me First & foremost, I am a natural born psychic who can predict events in your life that has yet occurred. I am also blessed with many other spiritual gifts i have been a professional psychic and spiritual consular for over 10 years angelina is a licensed and certified psychic tarot and palm reader she has over three locations in the los angeles area and offers classes on spiritual enlightenment and developing psychic abilitys, are you psychic? do you have odd dreams that miraculously come true? are your feelings always right? are you intuitive? these are the beginning stages of psychic development and we all have it its only a question of weather you act on it and allow it to flow freely, allow me to help your abilitys blossom



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17 May 2018 unsatisfactory ranking spacegirl10

Reading was completely unclear ... tried to message for clarification or a refund and she never replied to my messages.

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25 Apr 2018 unsatisfactory ranking madis33

There was no potential. A guy rejected me.

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14 Oct 2016 unsatisfactory ranking summersun

I didn't feel a good connection. It was very general and felt like she was telling me what I wanted to hear. I was looking for more details.

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29 Feb 2016 unsatisfactory ranking with_janette

Didn't get the room. Feeling positive about the room doesn't mean that I would get it

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21 Oct 2015 unsatisfactory ranking mariadriana

???? she disconnected before our time

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