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I Can Give You Truth&Clarity Into All Situations. NO FLUFF

I am a 12TH generational “expert spiritualist” psychic life advisor, and here you will get what ever it is that you are looking for. Please know there is NO judgment, so no filters are needed. You can ask anything that’s been on your mind in any category, so take some time out for your self and let me give you a reading, I assure you it will be life changing my readings will always provide you with peace, clarity, answering all questions, never leaving stones unturned, I’m very patient and understanding , I’m always eager to help those in need. What ever your situation may be I can help, while I specialize in “love” I am a “Expert Spiritualist” so I can help in all fields.

Career, Confidence, Family, Addiction, Confusion, Life Purpose, Religion, Meditation ETC. Honesty and communication is key to me. Stop wondering/thinking and start knowing!

New beginning’s, True Love, Happiness.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I qualify in multiple category’s , such as love, career, family. I welcome the LGBT community with open arms!.

Please note my first 3 free minutes are for introduction and connection purpose only, i do not provide ANY free service thank you for understanding.

I will not hold back any information, positive or negative.

I am a true and sincere Psychic and a expert in making connections with Spirits / spirit guides "Expert Spiritualist "

I can see into all situation’s and matters of life, I can connect with the subconscious of a person to reveal insight of their thought’s, emotions, intentions towards you or some one else.

i am one of only a few "Psychics" who can perform "Heart To Heart" sessions, which allows me to let you to talk to a person(s) subconscious

i can repair broken relationship’s no matter how difficoult the situation may apear, this is my specialty i take great pride in mending broking soulmates/twinflames i also provide services in past life readings.


I am new here to “Bitwine” but I am not a new psychic, I have over 15 years of giving professional help and guidance to thousands of clients, 100% accurate and honest. No sugar coating here, non-judge mental.

I can help where other’s have failed.

I can help with anxiety, I am a master reiki healer, I can cast away any unwanted feelings, thoughts, emotions, to you or to POI .

Are you wanting to know who your soulmate is?

Are you wanting to know when you will meet your soulmate?

Are you wanting to know if s/he will reach out to you? and if so when?

Are you wanting to know if S/he is cheating?

i can give you these answers.

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